Efficiency Buisiness and specially sales is fiercely competitive E-Z Score™ provides a valuable edge to win and keep more customers.

Business interactions are precious. In many cases the opportunity to speak to a perspective customer involves an actual upfront payment in the form of a Lead Generator or appointment setting services.

E-Z Score

Whether the goal of the interaction is to further a sale or support and existing relationship information is critical, and often the goal itself.  Knowing more about a prospect, for example, gives a business person a number of advantages including:

  • Better qualification + needs discovery
  • Avoid pitfalls to a quick, successful transaction by learning potential detrimental information up front
  • Better customization of solution to client needs information upfront
  • Better positioning of products and options


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Name + Address information

  • Confirm location within a service or delivery area
  • Confirm identity
  • Speed transactions and reduce errors and wasted time
  • Automatically create a customer mailing list through receiving and making phone calls

Demographic information

  • Qualify prospects age (over eightieen for example)
  • Confirm gender/identity
  • Learn marital status
  • Determine whether children are present – for promotional interaction (kids eat free) or to qualify for certain product or

Increase Productivity and Communication
Sharing information within a business should be easy. The more effective the tools, the more effective and free flowing the communication.
The R! desktop app is that tool. RingByName’s VoIP CRM app improves productivity and communication by allowing employees to access all your companies and customer’s vital information, instantly.

Increase Sales
Sign bigger clients by increasing the legitimacy of your operation. RingByName’s virtual receptionist will greet all your clients by name and transfer them to the appropriate person or department in your business.
Track activity and set reminders. Take control of your business with RingByName’s VoIP CRM. Call today 1-855-345-6474.

Some of the advantages of VoIP and our R! features:

  • Quick Note Sharing.
  • Emails, voicemail to text, text to speech.
  • Logs all inbound and outbound voice calls.
  • Activity tracking, event scheduling and integrated message alerts.
  • Easily transfer your CRM contacts into the R! desktop app.
  • Set “rules” for incoming calls – transfer important customers to designated phone numbers.