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N ow referring customers to RingByName is as easy as using our service,  our Agent Referral Program  is designed to put big $$$ in your pocket for simply referring us to your clients which whom you work. The best part about ourAgent Referral Program is that there is no cap to how much you can make or how many customers you can refer. Our first 4-months of customer invoice (excluding taxes) payment to you is by-far the highest payout in the industry!

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Agent Referral Program


  • This program is designed for IT Professionals, Telephone Installers, and Technicians who will be involved in inner works of the deal.  These professionals will be considered as influencers and actively participate in the completion of the deal.
    • Commission Payout:
        • 4-month value of order paid out 30 days in arrears every month excluding taxes after activation.
        • Example: If your customer has 10 telephone lines billed at $30 each line per month for a total bill of $300/month (excluding taxes). The four month total of $1200 is your commission; just for the referral.
      • How do I submit a referral?

        • Submitting a referral is easy, send an email with the referrals information to referral@ringbyname.com. Hopefully, your customer will call requesting service. Otherwise, this lead will be transferred to our inside sales team for immediate contact if they don’t hear from your client in a day.
      • Other Agent compensation models:

1.   If your company is responsible for closing the sale and RingByName invoices your customer directly, we offer 30% recurring commission based on MRC each month the account is active.

2.   If your company closes the sale and invoices the client, you receive a 40% – 60% discount off the retail price.

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