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Whether you're a realtor selling penthouses in South Beach

or making independent films in Hollywood, we’ve got your back.



Whether you're a realtor selling penthouses in
South Beach
 or making independent films in
Hollywood, we’ve got your back.

Merry young baker with baguettes


Whether you're a realtor selling penthouses in South Beach

or making independent films in Hollywood, we’ve got your back.


So many biz types in so many fields depend on RingByName for their business phone service.  While each business has a different story, at the end of the day, their takeaway is always the same: RingByName increases their efficiency, productivity, and professionalism.  See if you can find your industry in the case studies we’ve assembled here and read more about how companies like yours benefit by choosing RingByName.


VOIP Phone Systems for Real Estate Biz Types by RingByName

Real Estate

Whether you’re a solo agent or a real estate office of 25+ associates, your business will thrive when you get RingByName. At its core, RingByName is a professional business phone system that doubles as a 24/7 virtual office to stay connected with your clients. It’s great for building relationships with prospects and works well for tracking advertising campaigns to determine if they’re working for you.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Healthcare Biz Types by RingByName
Health Care

Medical practices with one or multiple locations can benefit greatly from RingByName.  Our hosted business phone service helps streamline your practice.  We provide a smart virtual receptionist to greet your patients and vendors.  Then, all calls are transferred to the proper location and person. RingByName works simultaneously on your tablet, smartphone and computer.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Accounting Biz Types by RingByName

Whether you’re an independent or a firm-based accountant, you’ll benefit from switching to RingByName phone service for two key reasons: lower cost and increased functionality.  You gain advanced capabilities and don’t need a server to store all your contacts and secure information because it’s all in our cloud, cutting hardware and maintenance costs.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Consulting Biz Types by RingByName

Whether you’re on the road, having a lunch meeting, or otherwise out of the office, RingByName will make you look professional and prepared.  When a call is coming in, you will see an intelligent screen pop displaying the caller’s ID, recent notes, and call history.  This is all the information you need to build a better relationship.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Printing & Manufacturinge Biz Types by RingByName
Printing &

 RingByName offers a quick improvement to help you cut costs and improve relationships with your customers and your team members.  Our VoIP phone service and built-in CRM (with tools to enhance most major 3rd party CRMs) is just the tool you need to win and keep more customers every day.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Financial Planning Biz Types by RingByName
Financial Planning

RingByName allows you to deliver the responsiveness your clients demand no matter where you are in or out of the office.  When a call comes in, you will see an intelligent screen pop displaying the caller’s ID, recent notes, and call history.   Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Transport & Logistics Biz Types by RingByName
Transport & Logistics

Whether you’re transporting people, freight or calls, we’re certain that a good first impression will keep your customers calling back.  RingByName helps you impress callers from the very first call and builds better relationships with them for years to come.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Religious Organizations Biz Types by RingByName
Religious Organizations

Every religious institution needs to reach out to its membership and to its community.  It’s easy to engage your community and build stronger relationships with RingByName.  Our smart receptionist is programmed to greet your contacts by name, play a custom greeting, and transfer calls to any extension.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Non-Profit Organizations Biz Types by RingByNameNon Profit Organizations

Every non-profit organization relies on its people, including both staff members and the community at large.  RingByName makes it easy for non-profits to reach out to their members and to their community.  Our smart virtual receptionist will greet your callers by name and route them directly to who they spoke with last each time they call back.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Virtual Offices Biz Types by RingByNameVirtual Offices

Do you manage your business through a virtual office or you are a virtual employee?  Now you can work from anywhere and still stay connected to your business and your team with RingByName. Access your contacts, call logs, notes, and other essential information from any device wherever you are through RingByName’s robust mobile version.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Fitnes Center Biz Types by RingByName
Fitness Centers

One of our happy customers, fitness center Crossfit Key Biscayne, has a much stronger phone system with RingByName.  The business relies on bringing in members and building a solid bond between trainers and members.
Learn More>


VOIP Phone Systems for Retailers Biz Types by RingByName

What kind of store do you run?  Do you rely on walk-in impulse buyers or do you cultivate relationships with your customers, ensuring they come back?  For most retailers in this economy, employing a personal touch with your customers will get you the long term success goals you desire.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Restaurants Bars & Clubs Types by RingByName
Restaurant, Bars & Clubs

We know that dealing with the hungry and thirsty public can be quite a challenge.  Don’t keep them waiting. RingByName greets your contacts by name and can even remember what they ordered last and where they live ( just add it in as a note in the built-in CRM! ).  Even if you have a new person taking orders every week, your contacts will never feel like a faceless, nameless buyer.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Entertainers Biz Types by RingByName

We understand the spur of the moment nature of the entertainment industry.  In fact, we were once trapeze artists before we became cloud-based.  And you can probably already tell we failed at comedy as part of our performance.  Don’t allow lesser qualified performers to take your potential gigs.  RingByName will connect your email, smartphone, and office computer making them all a seamless engine for your business.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Legal Biz Types by RingByName

Many law firms find that RingByName costs less.  That’s less than a traditional PBX system.  Less than a big phone company system.  And less than just about any phone system on the market.  We offer flat-fee calling plans that include unlimited domestic long distance calling to the US and Canada along with incredibly low priced rates for international calling.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Insurance Biz Types by RingByName

Insurance professionals of all types can claim RingByName as a winning investment and a reliable phone service.  Our cloud-based PBX with built-in CRM and smart virtual receptionist is the perfect combination to help your business capture more clients and never miss a beat.   Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Information Technology Biz Types by RingByName
Information Technology

Whether you’re an independent consultant, the head IT person at your company, or part of an IT firm, your business will thrive when you get RingByName.  At its core, RingByName is a professional business phone system that doubles as a 24/7 virtual office to stay connected with your clients.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Home Office Biz Types by RingByNameHome Office

Small and home based businesses work well with RingByName.  Look like a Fortune 500 company with your very own toll-free numbers, or create a local presence in any city with local numbers for any zip code in the US and over 67 countries.  Our smart virtual receptionist adds to the sophistication of your business by greeting callers by name and routing them to any device you designate.  Learn More>

VOIP Phone Systems for Telephone Psychics Biz Types by RingByName
Telephone Psychics

Telephone Psychics Have A Strong Premonition That We Are Better
As a telephone psychic you need not read this because you already know we are the best business phone service in this temporal world.  However, if your psychic powers are still developing, or if you’re a psychic in training, you’ll benefit from reading this page.  
Learn More>

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