Your Current Phone Service is Like a Bouncer for Your Business

What does your current business phone service and a nightclub bouncer have in common? Well, one is a frustrating tool that you are forced to deal with and the other is your business phone. Seriously, slap a pony tail and a few terrible snake tattoos on your office phone and start calling it Roy. No one likes to deal with your office phone…now let me see some I.D.!

Let’s play a new game that RingByName has just invented called Bouncer: Business Phone or Both?
The rules of the game are simple. Read each sentence and decide if we are describing a bouncer, business phone, or both. Check the answers at the end to see how many you answered correctly.

  1. Treats every patron the same way no matter the context or relationship.
  2. Slow and outdated vetting process leads to unnecessary wait time for clients.
  3. Usually dressed in all black with the word “security” written across the back.
  4. Small plastic device that has 74 features that you don’t use or understand.

The answers for this fantastic quiz are as follows: both, both, bouncer, business phone. Congrats to those of you who scored a perfect 4 out of 4. We knew you could do it! Anyone who scored less than a perfect 4, you need to call RingByName now and allow us to help you change your ways and your small business phone system.

At RingByName, we are sick and tired of business phones hindering communication. RingByName is a communication company that doesn’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We are challenging the idea that all business phone services are the same. Our virtual receptionist remembers clients and who they spoke with last. Our quick note sharing allows up-to-date notes to be placed in client files, and our call rules let you decide where incoming calls go based on your preferences.
We work tirelessly to turn every phone service for small businesses from a night club bouncer, to an awesome hostess that increases sales and gives you a return on investment. When is the last time your business phone service actually paid you back with less dropped calls resulting in more sales?
Learn more about our next generation business phone services and switch to RingByName today!

RingByName can take your business to the next level.  Call 855-345-RING now to learn more about how your business can gain a competitive weapon with RingByName.

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