Ever heard the old phrase “penny wise, pound foolish”? It refers to the decisions made that will save small amounts of money now, but cost more long term. Saving in the small details, but losing in the big picture.

Here are a few everyday examples of this terrible mindset:

  • Spending hours cutting coupons for items you wouldn’t buy otherwise.
  • Driving miles out of the way to save a few pennies on gas for your car.
  • Opening a store credit card to receive a discount, then paying off the balance slowly and accruing interest.

This phrase describes how most business owners shop for cheap, small business phone services. The focus is purely on price over substance. RingByName asks: why not have both? When did we all decide that business phone services must all be the same? It’s madness!

If the only reason you chose your current business phone service provider is because it saves you $5 a month in fees, then this article is for you. If you are convinced that all phone services are the same and that price is the only difference, then this article is also for you – because we can guarantee that you are thinking about your business phone system completely wrong!

Let’s ditch the pennies and chase the pounds!

Instead of asking “how can I save money on my phone service?”, ask “how can my phone service make me more money?” The answer is to make your business phone service a tool for success.

RingByName is making huge leaps in creating and crafting the next generation of business communications. Our phone systems are integrated into your company culture easily, and the simple transition does not interrupt daily operations.

How exactly is your business phone service meant to make you money?

These two features set RingByName apart:

  1. All Incoming Calls Have Context

RingByName’s system recognizes valuable clients and greets them by name, remembers who they spoke to last, and routes them to the appropriate employee.

Business rules guarantee that all incoming calls are handled differently based on who’s calling and at what time.

  1. Integrated Interoffice Communication and Tracking

Monitor whether employees have returned calls and followed up with RingByName’s activity tracking. Ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and no sale is left on the table.

Note sharing allows employees to update the digital files on each client you have.

Use RingByName’s business phone features to focus on doing better business and making more money. Leave the penny pinching to someone else and turn your business phone system into an investment that gains you clients, rather than deterring them.

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