Introducing Caller Intelligence and E-Z Score™, a caller I.D. for sales, a powerful new weapon in your company’s arsenal.

Every time a customer calls, Caller Intelligence displays all relevant information that fully describes that potential customer in a sales specific characterization. In short, Caller Intelligence equips all your employees with the information they need about the person on the other end, assisting them in the sales pitch process.

All that information is tabulated and displayed in the form of an E-Z Score™.

Calling New Clients – Instantly know how to sell to anyone during a sales call; what to say and what not to say; all before the first “hello”.

Satisfying Existing Clients – Each call will become more personal, because each caller will have access to all client information, instantly.

Caller I.D. for sales that’s fully automated, lightning fast, and years in the making. RingByName Caller Intelligence is a salesperson’s secret advantage for each and every call, each and every day.

RingByName Caller Intelligence is a system that works in tandem with existing RingByName business phone technology. Get a free E-Z Score™ 90-day trial and see why this piece of powerful sales technology will change the current business phone system landscape.

Sales calls will never be the same again. Be on the cutting edge, don’t be a late adopter.

Most business phone companies, corporations, and monopolies are strategizing and scheming. The focus is to lower service costs by any means possible, even if it means offering business phone services that are merely pennies cheaper than the competition.

RingByName has a strong focus on creating new technologies to turn office equipment into powerful sales technology; desk phones into weapons of mass selling. We aren’t afraid to challenge current tech limitations.

Try it for yourself and blow the competition away!

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