RingByName has administered some of the most cutting edge experiments and consulted with the most prominent specialists in the field of automobiles. Business phone system experts have worked tirelessly to formulate the following list. We have scaled the highest mountains and traversed the darkest forests in effort to test these theories. And now, we have finally answered the age-old question!

What does your car and your current business phone service have in common?

Do you dare read on?

  • Cars and business phone systems only perform as well as the user can make them perform.
  • Both are equally affected by gravity and dark matter.
  • The cheaper it is, the worse the performance and experience will be.
  • If you stop investing in it, it’s going to stop working and then you’re going to have a not-so-fantastic day.
  • Neither has seen the latest season of The Walking Dead.
  • Cars and business phone systems that are designed for the user will always outperform the generic, one-size-fits-all competition.
  • Both cannot function if completely immersed in water.
  • You use both every day and although upgrades are welcome, you want to be sure you don’t lose the functions you are familiar with and that you like.
  • Both are terrible at chess.
  • Neither is doing anything to improve company efficiency and increase client retention.

And these are just some of the many, many similarities that your generic, run of the mill business phone service has with your car.

Your car is a tool you use every day, something that gets you from point A to point B. And it has purpose: it’s needed; and if it’s not doing its job you will notice immediately.

Your business phone system is also a tool, and much like your car, it’s something that gets you from point A to point B: make calls, answer calls, that’s it. However, what if you could buy a Tesla for the cost of a Toyota Corolla? RingByName is that option. We have revolutionized business phone services. We offer business phone service that comes unmatched by the competition. Our name may be small, but we have so much more to offer your business than AT&T, Sprint, Comcast, or whoever else you get your phone service from. Don’t believe us? Check out our telecommunication solutions page and our tech blog for more information.

Make the switch to a phone service that serves you best and gives you an ROI. Contact RingByName today to get started; 855-345-7464.

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