Who coined the term reality check? Whoever did was a genius who should get some of the credit for all the moments of clarity that stem from that simple phrase and what it means. That’s going to be the theme of this post. We are going to be talking about business phone features, customer communication, and hard truths.

It’s time for a little self-induced reality check!

Step 1 – Call Your Office

Call your office right now and pretend you’re a potential client. Don’t use any of the shortcuts you know, don’t push any numbers for extensions until those numbers are mentioned in the prompt. Make notes about this experience with your business phone system. Now, remember that all of your clients are experiencing that same thing.

Step 2 – Are you happy?

Be honest. If your customer communication is functioning the way it should, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you felt frustrated at any point, or if you noticed any irregularities, then consider this: every current and potential client is experiencing the same thing.

So, is your customer communication through your office phone working to benefit your business?

Step 3 – Evaluate

Okay, so you’ve made notes about your experience calling your own office; now, how do you convert these notes into meaningful changes to your business phone system?

Learn the facts about customer communication in your niche. A doctor’s office has a completely different set of rules than a real estate agent. Be sure to pick a business phone provider that can tailor your phone service based on your needs. (Hint: that’ exactly what we do at RingByName).

Step 4 – Fix

It might be time to invest in your business phone system. Customer communication is vital, and it makes sense to invest in the tool that your business uses every day to make sales, communicate with clients, and effectively communicate internally. Still, for some reason, companies only care about saving mere pennies on commercial phone services.

Start thinking about the big picture. Start thinking about the last time you hung up on your cable company or credit card simply because the phone system was too much to handle and frustrating. Stop losing business over something as simple as your business phone service. Call RingByName now to learn more and invest in a business phone service that GIVES you customers KEEPS customers, and INCREASES your ROI.

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