It’s time for another reality check. Just when you thought you had a handle on your business phone service, RingByName is here to turn your world upside down, again. You’re welcome! This time, we’re focusing on customer communication facts and tips.

Get ready for a dose of reality!

RingByName is in the business of growing businesses. We may sell customizable business phone services with lots of features, but our goal is to give businesses the tools to win. We want growth, we want sales and we want it for all of our clients!

Here are some quick customer communication facts to illustrate the importance of each call your office receives:

– Customers who are put on hold without music for a 30-second wait, lasted 90-seconds.

68% of consumers hang-up because they are frustrated.

– Over 40% of Americans completed a purchase over the phone in 2016. Those are clients that interact with your business phone service, not mobile, and not online services.

– 94% of marketing budgets are spent on getting a client to call, but only 6% of that budget is spent on the tools and training to handle the call.

The fact that the average American business spends only 6% of their marketing budget on the actual phone conversation, and more on getting the call, is unbelievable.

If this is such an issue, why aren’t more companies upgrading to smarter business phone services with sales features? Two reasons:

  1. The companies that know about and fix these issues are quiet because they have the advantage. Much like poker, if you’ve spotted your opponent’s weakness, don’t say a word.
  2. Most companies don’t realize that there is an issue with the actual phone service. Companies may focus on training consultants on what to say when they answer the calls, but the phone service and system itself is rarely blamed. Most businesses also lack proper communication, so there is no way to get the message from clients to reps.

So, how much is your business phone service really costing you?

RingByName is a business phone service that takes your company to the next level. We urge you to stop nagging your customer service team with endless training to seal-the-deal, and take a step back and look at your phone system. Is your business phone service so annoying that by the time they reach your representative, they have already made up their mind to not go with your services or buy your product for fear of lack of customer service if they should need to call again?

Ditch the cheap business phone plan that you opted for to save a couple dollars a month – you actually aren’t saving – you’re losing. You’re losing customers over it. RingByName’s business phone plans are an investment and can increase your ROI and customer retention rates. Contact us today and let us prove it!

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