That’s right, we said it and we aren’t taking it back! Our moms always told us to stand up for what we believe in and help others along the way, so that’s exactly what we are doing here at RingByName.

There are two reasons why you should not buy business phone systems from big name providers:

  1. Your business is not capitalizing on opportunities.

How can a business phone system help you capitalize on potential growth opportunities? That’s probably a question you do not hear much in business development meetings, and for one simple reason: no one really questions what their current phone system can do.

Most businesses assume that they sign up for a business phone plan and they can now receive and make calls, and that’s it.  Voicemail is also a standard feature, along with call-waiting, call-forwarding, and a few other select options across the board.

RingByName has created something more than just a business phone system that can take and direct calls through a directory. We service over 250,000 clients all over the United States, and for years we have tinkered, tweaked and researched business phone systems and what makes them so terrible. We have implemented software that has changed business phone systems to actually be an investment for businesses.

Our business call rules, virtual receptionist, and caller I.D. 2.0 are the wave of the future. These digital phone features are designed to ensure that your most valued clients and potential clients are routed to the right department immediately, they are greeted uniquely, and all of their information is available immediately.

With RingByName, your most profitable client gets greeted by name, and routed directly to the most important person in your office, allowing business to be done without a hassle.

What’s worse than calling a customer service line, getting disconnected, then having to go through the same daunting process of answering 10 questions with the new person who answers your call? With RingByName, you can be directed to the last person you spoke with, saving customers the hassle, giving them a pleasant experience, and giving your company the reputation for EXCELLENT customer service.

  1. You are given a mass produced, cookie cutter system.

RingByName is part of the rebellion, we are the leading the charge for business phone alternatives! And how? We have designed our services to be the most beneficial for our clients and for the user.

Our business phone alternative is built so that our clients receive no interruption in service, and even the most non-tech-savvy will understand and adapt to the platform that is tailored to their needs.

At RingByName, we believe that everything is negotiable, which is why we made the features in our phone service negotiable and customizable. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter phone service, get the service and features you want today!

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