This article goes out to all the ladies and gentlemen of sales out there who suffer from terminally high-pitched sales pitches and over-used sales-speak. RingByName knows the struggle, and we’re here to help. Our phone sales tips will help sales people close deals with simple, deeper voice exercises.

Guys and Gals

So, smart people in lab coats have stated for years that men with deeper, steady voices earn the respect of their peers and make more money; even when given the same business phone service tips and education as the guy next to them.

However, should women deepen their voices for sales calls? Yes!

Studies show that women with lower voices are respected by both sexes far more. Think about all those ‘dumb blonde’ stereotypes, those girls typically have higher-pitched voices. They need this list of phone sales tips more than anyone.

How to Get a Deeper Voice for Sales Calls

Okay, so the science is on our side and the folks with the lab coats and have given us the thumbs up. What can you do to deepen your voice? Well, the most important business phone feature is your voice, but before we get to the deeper voice exercises, let’s briefly discuss the enemy of deeper voices:

  • Breathing

Ask any trained singer and they’ll tell you that you must avoid singing and talking through your nose. There is nothing good that comes from sounding nasally. You can deepen your voice by simply changing the way you breathe.

In the next section, we offer breathing techniques and phone sales tips that you can perform right before calls to instantly lower your voice.

  • It’s all in the neck

Nasal breathing is a characteristic of a tense neck. Sometimes, relaxing the neck can have two benefits: deepening your voice before a sales call and relaxing your nerves.

Deeper Voice Exercises – Cue Training Montage

  1. Sit up straight and begin taking deep breaths. However, keep your chest still. Breathe through your stomach only. This should ensure that you are focusing your breathing, and thus voice, through your diaphragm. Phone sales tip: Do it right before every sales call.
  2. Don’t have time for a massage? No problem. Lay on your back at the end of your bed or a bench and let your head hang over. Lift for 10 seconds and then drop your head again. Kind of like pushups for your neck. Do this exercise 10 times, twice a day, and rest in-between.
  3. Our favorite of the deeper voice exercises and probably the easiest: hum. That’s right, hum like your grandparents did back in the old days. Hum while you’re in the shower, hum while you’re cooking. Hum, hum, hum.

Keep track of progress. Read a sentence out loud, then read it again, but pinch your nose closed. If it’s difficult to read with your nose closed, or if your voice is altered drastically with your nose closed, it’s not working. Keep exercising until the alteration is barely noticeable.

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