A major part of client retention is communication. Being available and making it easier for your clients to communicate with you, that’s a no brainer.

Business communication is not just about answering your emails in a timely manner. Your business phone system is a huge pipeline to current clients and prospective clients. Again, that’s no brainer.

What are we getting at? Well, how is your business phone system working for you? How is it aiding in client retention? Can it even help with clients, I mean it’s just a phone, right?

Here’s the thing…

Most phone service providers design the phone systems with the client in mind; that is, they design the systems around who they are selling the system to, which would be you, the business owner, or office administrator. That’s great, perfect, fine and dandy. They get lots of sales this way.

Of course, why would a company invest in a business phone system that is too complicated or that they cannot use? That would be ridiculous! There is, however, one glaring issue in that business phone system, and it’s difficult to notice if you aren’t looking for it.

These business phone systems are designed for the people who purchase them, but there is almost no attention given to the customer who will be calling.

Wouldn’t it be wise to build a business phone system that caters to the clients who purchase the systems AND to the customer who will be calling as well?

Yeah, that would make a lot of sense, we thought so too, and that’s why RingByName designs phone systems that are tailored to the needs of our clients and designed for their customers as well. We are a phone service that deals in client retention.

Our business phones are part of the sales team; designed to ensure that your biggest clients remain satisfied, and that prospective clients are given the attention they need.

So, how can that plastic box at the corner of your desk help with client retention? Well, if it isn’t helping you, then you have the wrong business phone service provider and system, wasting away at your business dollars.

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