You know what small business phone services and business phone systems for large companies have in common? Both phone systems have no priority for valuable clients or huge prospective clients. That’s right, we said it, your phone system does not care if your most profitable client is calling. 

When your most valuable client calls, that client who’s paying for the lights in your office right now, how are they treated? At best, they’re treated like every other caller, and that’s a terrible, terrible shame.

  • They have to endure the same phone menus as they last time they called.
  • They jump through the same hoops every time they call… “Press 1”; “please hold”; “who would you like to speak with?”; “Who may I say is calling?”
  • Voicemail messages go unanswered and follow ups are forgotten.

Think about it this way: your most valued customer, or your biggest potential client is treated the same as someone who is calling to ask your business hours. Does that seem right to you? That’s a rhetorical question because of course it doesn’t seem right.

RingByName believes that all businesses should ask this question when searching for small business phone services. Ask the sales associate and get them sweating! “How will your phone service treat my most valuable clients, and how is that different from the average calls we get?”

If your company suffers from terrible business phone system disease, RingByName can help, we have the cure! RingByName handles valuable prospects and VIP clients with more care. Our business phone systems just do it better and here’s why:

  • Set up rules for clients. When they call, they can be automatically routed to any phone number you choose.
  • The RingByName virtual receptionist remembers and greets clients by name. It also remembers the last person the client spoke with, to suggest that they be forwarded to that person if they desire.
  • Activity tracking allows managers to monitor which calls are returned and how much time passes between calls and follow ups.

What are you waiting for? Shop for a business phone plan that puts your clients first! Contact RingByName today to get started!

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