Be honest, whenever you consider switching phone service providers, your main focus is price, right? Most small business owners never consider the features of the phone service at all, and why would they? We are all convinced that every small business phone service is exactly the same, the only difference is how much you pay per month.

This is utter nonsense. Price should be almost irrelevant in your quest to find a new phone service for your small business.

“But price is vitally important for small businesses looking for phone services!”

The truth is that almost all current phone services offer the same packages, with only slightly different price points, making pinching pennies make sense (or cents).

Shouldn’t the phone service you choose for your small business offer more than just a slight discount?

Here at RingByName, we believe that a small business phone service should offer features that give your business a competitive edge. Small businesses live and die by what they can offer that big companies can’t.

All the RingByName phone service features are developed with that in mind. How can we create a phone service that offers a real advantage to our clients?

The problem is that focusing on price makes business owners blind to what is important. The telecommunications industry has sat back and barely innovated business phone services in any way. Improvements and innovation have been slow and only prices are adjusted.

Everyone wants the most bang for their buck. To find the sweet spot between affordable and innovative, let’s start demanding more from our business phone service providers. Price should be a secondary concern when choosing a business phone service provider, how it offers you a return and maintains your business operations should be first priority.

RingByName is not expensive. We are an affordable phone service for small businesses and our features are an added bonus that most phone companies lack, which makes our phone service a tool for businesses to gain a leg up over the competition.

Our engineers and developers toiled away to create a communication tool for small businesses that delivers features that positively impact business operations. We worked hard to create something that would take away any doubts about switching service providers. To be honest, major phone service providers don’t care about you or your business. You are just another number in the books for them and a source of very miniscule profit. RingByName treats you differently and we’ve created a phone service that cares.

Every RingByName business phone solution was crafted to create the next step in business communication. Contact us now and see how your phone service can fuel your business and be a ROI.

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