With RingByName businesses gain a competitive weapon.

The capabilities of RingByName help businesses win and keep more customers.  These are their tales . . .

DreamVacations.com is an online travel business owned by Ralph Santisteban. The company sells vacations, especially cruises, to people via their website – but their hallmark is personal service. DreamVacations has a team of 12 associates who work directly with customers on customizing and purchasing their vacation plans. To deliver on that DreamVacations got RingByName service for their business and its 12 associates. RingByName allows the company to provide an office number with extension to each associate that rings on their personal mobile phones.

In addition, using the RingByName mobile app on either on iOS or Android device allows associates to make calls using the company number. This benefits the associate by allowing their personal mobile phone number to remain private and it benefits the business because customers are not calling the associate directly but only through the company number.

In Mr. Santisteban’s own words . . .

  • “The beauty of these virtual lines is that they are programmed to rollover into the associates’ mobile phone lines. Associate business cards are now printed with the office number and their extension number. Personal mobile numbers are no longer printed on business cards. If consumers call an associate at the office, the line rings on their mobile phone. This means that if the associate ever leaves the team, we keep the extension and don’t lose the calls that come in after they depart.”
  • “The other beauty is if someone contacts the general office line and asks for an associate by name, we can easily transfer that call to their virtual extension.”
  • “The system offers beautiful hold music and for agencies with a little more income all calls may be monitored for quality assurance purposes for an additional fee.”
  • “After a year of use it has truly taken us to the next level.”

Just like with DreamVacations.com, RingByName can take your business to the next level.  Call 855-345-RING now to learn more about how your business can gain a competitive weapon with RingByName.

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