Turning Alexa Into An Executive Assistant A Team Effort

This week we accomplished something cool: we became the first cloud phone service to offer handsfree calling through Amazon’s Alexa family of devices.  Today, according to estimates, there are more than seven million Alexa devices in use.  While everything we do at RingByName is a team effort, the Alexa project is a great example.

Jose Fernandez, our webmaster, came up with the idea of integrating with Alexa (and other smart home systems including Google Home and Apple Siri) and our CTO, Silvano Girardi developed and submitted the Skill to Amazon.  While the Skill was being improved, Jose shot a video of Catherine Jimenez, one of our enterprise sales executives, and Stephanie Brandao, one of our new customer onboarders, using Alexa with RingByName.  Matt Bramson, our Chief Growth Officer, provided the video’s narration.  The rest of the team played a part and will be crucial to realizing any added success we can from this effort.

Now anyone with an Amazon Echo, Dot, or Tap can just say, “Alexa, ask RingByName to call [any number]”, and they’re connected.  It’s just one more way that RingByName is way more than a business phone service.  Here is the press release we sent out this morning: http://www.enhancedonlinenews.com/news/eon/20170314005994/en

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