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RingByName vs. Jive

We offer you a comparison of what are considered to be the best quality business VoIP phone services that are available in the market today. Both RingByName and Jive  offer an innovative suite of services designed to help businesses grow by providing them with tools that will help them win and keep more customers, along with a superior cloud business phone service solution.
All features except those detailed below are comparable. Our data shows that RingByName is superior in the suite of services provided, especially when it comes to having CRM capability where notes on each call can be posted and shared with colleagues. In addition, unlimited calling to 67 countries is available for only an additional $10 per month; Jive doesn’t offer unlimited international calling.

A Word on Pricing.

On average, RingByName services are 30% below Jive pricing. RingByName applies an additional tax of 10% on its services while Jive applies a whopping 47% tax added to your bill.

Savings over RingCentral


Our Taxes


Jive Taxes



$ 99

rbn_logo_rgb200h   thumbsupR

  • RingByName offers a CRM, a customer relationship management software within the phone system portal.
  • This CRM feature is designed to help your business win and keep more customers, within  the CRM notes can be saved and shared, events can be scheduled and much more.
  • This unique feature is currently included at no extra cost. In fact, RingByName is the only cloud-based business phone service that offers this feature.
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$ 200


  • Jive currently offers integrations with other CRM providers such as Salesforce, these services can be costly.
  • Jive does not offer support for the CRM integrations meaning that you will have to deal with multiple vendors to resolve any issues.

Star TransferGREAT

$ 99

rbn_logo_rgb200h   thumbsupR

  • With Star Transfer your mobile phone gains the ability to transfer calls anywhere just like if you were in the office using your desktop phone.
  • Transfer calls to colleagues or move an active call to or from your mobile, talk about MOBILITY!
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Star TransferWEAK

$ 200


  • With Jive you can only transfer calls from your cellphone if you are using the mobile app, which would be using your cell phone’s data plan and not the strength of your cell phone’s voice signal.

Call PresenceGREAT

$ 99

rbn_logo_rgb200h   thumbsupR

  • RingByName’s web & mobile application allows users to see the status of all extensions within the system.
  • Tell who’s on the phone and with whom they are speaking to at a glance.
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Call PresenceWEAK

$ 200


  • Jive offers different call reporting options but not a live dashboard where you can see the status of all the extensions.

Click2Call ExtensionGREAT

$ 99

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  • Allows you to launch calls from within your browser and integrates your RingByName system with your existing web based CRM or software.
  • Basically this extension allows phone numbers to become “clickable” and allows you to launch calls from any website you visit on your Google Chrome browser.
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Click2Call ExtensionWEAK

$ 200


  • Jive currently offers a Google Chrome Extension called Click to Connect for their service, this service allows Jive customers to connect calls through the Google Chrome extension.

Advanced Call RoutingGREAT

$ 99

rbn_logo_rgb200h   thumbsupR

  • Calls can be routed through menus, to departments, or to individuals within your organization.
  • RingByName also features simultaneous routing of calls to cell phones. Not only does RingByName offer these basic call routing features but our advanced feature such as Ring-By-Name is what makes us stand out.
  • When a client/customer is saved in our CRM, our system will greet the caller by name and ask the caller if they would like to be routed to the last person they spoke to the last time they called your organization.
  • Thus giving the customer a superior experience by saving them time and the frustration of going through an automated menu to get to a live person within your organization.
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Advanced Call RoutingWEAK

$ 200


  • Jive offers very basic call routing features, where callers are directed to a menu and they must select from a Department Menu to reach the intended person within the organization.

International CallingGREAT

$ 99

rbn_logo_rgb200h   thumbsupR

  • RingByName currently offers a World User that allows unlimited calling to over 67 countries .
  • Using the World User is as easy as picking up the phone and dialing the desired number with the country code first, no need for pins or dial out numbers!
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International CallingWEAK

$ 200


  • Jive does not currently offer a solution for international calling, if there is a need to dial internationally they offer a pay per minute solution.


Don’t settle for less, as you can see RingByName is way more than just a business phone service.
It is clear from this comparison that in addition to at least a 30% savings, the features that RingByName offers far exceed those of Jive. For your convenience, you may reach RingbyName at sales@rinbyname.com or call 1-800-345-7464.

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