Let the Smart Receptionist give you a hand!

The one thing I always admire, is when people remember a story you told them. It could have been something important to you but most likely that story did not affect the other person whatsoever. But they still remembered, and the next time they saw you, they asked about it. And you felt special, didn’t you? Admit it you did.
It is those special touches that add value to your business’ customer experience. Something as simple as one of your customers telling you that he will be out of town for a couple of weeks due to a family trip to the Bahamas. After they come back, ask him how it went! They’ll know you not only appreciate them for doing business with you but you also appreciate their trust and loyalty.
That sounds easy for a business with 5 customers. What are you going to do when you are all rich and famous and you have thousands of employees to remember? You get a smart handy dandy phone system that will give you a hand with this!

With RingByName advanced call routing, callers are automatically recognized by the smart receptionist and greeted by name. The smart receptionist intelligently remembers whom they spoke with last and offers to connect them again. Advanced call routing greatly improves customers’ calling experience and keeps them calling back.
Let’s say your customer, Becky, has a history of calling to ask quick questions and she always asks to speak with Paul. With RingByName, Becky’s call history will be logged in the system, so the next time she calls, she will be greeted warmly by name and offered to connect with Paul. This neatly avoids a receptionist or having to dial in a certain extension.
Your team members will love this feature because it allows them to easily build better relationships with individual customers. Plus, it shows customers that your team members are real people with individual phone numbers and real roles at your company.

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