If 2016 proved anything, it is that more small businesses are making the switch to VoIP.

Though the transition is easy, the shift in mindset is difficult. This is especially the case for businesses that have been open for decades. The idea is why change it if it is not broken? Well it is. The benefits of VoIP far exceed the drawbacks. Virtual phone systems are replacing traditional phone systems. 

Whether it is the shared culture, constant connectivity,
or increasing demand for talented employees,
RingByName is not here to discuss how popularity
for this movement grew

Let’s compare virtual phone systems to traditional:

The Hardware

Virtual – Modern VoIP services for small businesses are taking the term “virtual phone systems” to the next level. They are going virtual by using offered club VoIP services. The hardware consists of servers and the phones used by the business.

Traditional – They are still stuck in the physical world. Hardwired phone lines stapled to office roofs and along door way arches. Physical phones are not an option like they are with virtual phone systems, instead they are the only choice. 

The Software

Virtual – Like all communication via the Internet, virtual phone systems use packet-switching. Data is collected, broken into tiny pieces, sent, and then reassembled upon arrival. The process has been streamlined and is very fast and efficient these days. RingByName is one of the tech companies that uses this method.

Some VoIP services that do not require physical phones install software on a computer you already own to convert it to a phone. These are called softphones.

Traditional – Hardline phones use circuit-switch telephony. The copper wires in phone lines create a single channel between two points and allow for the call to take place.

The Comparison

Out with the old and in with the new.

Traditional                       meets Virtual

Hieroglyphics                       meets Books

Smoke Signal                       meets Telegram

Letter                                     meets Email

Yellow Pages                        meets Google

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