Conference room phones have often been a pain point for companies that hold group meetings via telephone. Depending on the size of the room and the number of participants, a list of audio problems can plague a conference call– and be problematic for a business’ reputation.
Customers calling into the conference can often not hear speakers seated away from the conference room phone located at the center of the room. The result is a mix of inaudible participants and roaring speakers that sound like they are shouting at the client.
More complex conference room phones employ external microphones and speakers on opposite ends of the conference room table. While a good idea in theory, these often produce feedback, echoes,  and line noise when the volume in the room is set too high If multiple parties are speaking at once, the audio becomes garbled and unintelligible.
The result is a group of frustrated conference participants, both in the conference room and at the client location– not to mention a tarnished reputation.
VTECH’s ErisStation VCS754 Conference room is the answer to quality conferencing. Looking more like a futuristic star ship than a telephone, this sleek phone solves all of the common conference room issue.
Whether located in the corner of a small office or in a larger conference room, the audio on this phone is clear and crisp.
The included POE adapter ensures only a single cable is visible on the conference room table, keeping  your conference room nice and tidy and without the need for additional power cables or extensions.
By far the VCS754’s best feature however, are the four detachable wireless microphones nested in the units base. Each microphone can be placed at opposite sides of the room, up to 100 feet away from the base (though I can’t imagine why), thanks to the DECT 6.0 wireless technology providing premium sound quality and full room coverage for up to 12 hours.
With a price point substantially lower than many other competing brands with similar features, there is no reason why this conference room shouldn’t already be on your conference room table.

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