R! Virtual was designed for the new business owner. These are people that run their businesses with a cell phone. Our cloud-based platform complete with cell phone app provides ample talk-time  per user plus all of the other RingByName benefits.

Here’s how R! Virtual empowers you.

Access all of your contacts, call logs and notes from both your cell phone and your tablet. Of course you can integrate with other popular CRMs and other popular cloud- based software. You’ll also get personalized greetings, great music on hold and a host of other tools to make you more productive.

R! Virtual was designed for businesspeople on the go, but it works equally well in an office situation. Some team members might not need a full RingByName line. The virtual number works well for a conference room or for an employee who spends a lot of time on the road and wants their office line forwarded to mobile. There are so many way a small business can take advantage of Virtual Extensions.


Virtual Receptionist with Text-to-Speech


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