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Efficiency and cost cutting are the most important advantages of VoIP; they are the two most cited reasons why small businesses switch to VoIP.

For that reason, RingByName strives to ensure that both the cost of VoIP services and the efficiency of VoIP CRM within our products is of the high quality and caliber.
RingByName is a VoIP provider for small business, mid-sized businesses, and independent contractors. In other words, we provide communication and CRM solutions for small businesses, at affordable prices. We believe in what we do and we believe in the benefits of VoIP CRM.

The R! Application

RingByName’s R! desktop application is VoIP CRM tech taken to the next level. We have tested, we have listened, and the result is a VoIP CRM app that has everything a business needs to function efficiently.

Increase Meaningful Business Relationships

Customers may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. That’s part of the advantages of VoIP.


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Remembering what a customer asked for during your last call, asking follow-up questions from previous conversations, or having all the information you need about that customer right in front of you the moment they call, are all benefits of RingByName’s R! Desktop application and VoIP.

It is a means of improving customer service, and that is one of the advantages of VoIP: building relationships.
VoIP CRM allows you to take notes while on a call, which will then be displayed when you receive a call from that person in the future. Foster relationships with RingByName’s VoIP CRM.

Increase Productivity and Communication
Sharing information within a business should be easy. The more effective the tools, the more effective and free flowing the communication.
The R! desktop app is that tool. RingByName’s VoIP CRM app improves productivity and communication by allowing employees to access all your companies and customer’s vital information, instantly.

Increase Sales
Sign bigger clients by increasing the legitimacy of your operation. RingByName’s virtual receptionist will greet all your clients by name and transfer them to the appropriate person or department in your business.
Track activity and set reminders. Take control of your business with RingByName’s VoIP CRM. Call today 1-855-345-6474.

Some of the advantages of VoIP and our R! features:

  • Quick Note Sharing.
  • Emails, voicemail to text, text to speech.
  • Logs all inbound and outbound voice calls.
  • Activity tracking, event scheduling and integrated message alerts.
  • Easily transfer your CRM contacts into the R! desktop app.
  • Set “rules” for incoming calls – transfer important customers to designated phone numbers.