RingByName Addons and integrations with other platforms


Integration With More
Than 1000 Workplace Apps...


These days, technology is only as good as the other technology it works with. RingByName understands business phone service is just one piece of the tech puzzle that helps your company succeed. That’s why we make sure our service can easily integrate with the rest of your business. Through our partnership with Zapier our cloud hosted VOIP service can work with over 1000 of the best business tools on the market.

Here’s just a few examples of the possibilities:

salesforce integration with ringbyname

  • Customer calls in to your service department
  • Salesforce record automatically displays on user’s screen

dropbox integration with ringbyname

  • Rep has text conversation with client
  • A screenshot is taken and automatically uploaded to Dropbox

mailchimp integration with ringbyname

  • Customer provides email address on phone call
  • Email address automatically added to MailChimp list

zillow integration with ringbyname

  • Prospect inquires about listing on Zillow
  • New record is automatically created in RingByName

Unlock the true profit potential in your business phone system by combining RingByName and Zapier. With over 1000 integrations available the only limit is your creativity.


An Extremely Useful Google Chrome Extension

Click2Call Extension allows any telephone number that appears in your Chrome Browser to launch a telephone call on your phone system. This feature is supported by Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar CRM, QuickBooks, Google Chrome, and any other web based application. Not only does this eliminate the process of dialing altogether, but you can make the call with just a click of your mouse!

RingByName Click2Call Features include:

  • Makes phone numbers on websites callable by hovering and clicking on them.
  • Lets you initiate calls by just typing any number in the Click2Call dropdown.
  • Adds a button to your toolbar, which allows you to log into your RingByName account.
  • Lets you click to dial phone numbers from most popular CRM and Small Business packages, including Salesforce.com, ZoHo, Highrise, Batchbook, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.
  • Lets you click to dial your contacts and friends from popular social networks, email and contact management sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Contacts, Outlook.com, LinkedIn and many more.

Office 365 Integration

Using the Google Chrome extension, users of Office 365 can access their secure contact lists from within the web browser to launch a phone call and or to provide additional information about their contacts within RingByName’s expanded Caller ID pop-up. This allows Office 365 users to enjoy the benefits of the Click-to-Call interface without synchronizing large corporate contact lists.


Put All Your Contacts In One Place

Our automated Google Contact Import only takes minutes and can save you valuable time and resources by syncing all your business contacts in one place. With your contacts synced you can ensure that notes can be added and that contacts will be greeted by name.

A lot of us have had gmail or an android phone for a while. It depends on your personal settings, but a majority of android phones are set up to sync your contacts with your Google account automatically. By now you may have an impressive list of Google Contacts that have been put together over time.

Without using an automated method, you’d need to enter each contact manually, which could be very time-consuming depending on how many contacts you have. Don’t worry, we made it really simple for you to import all your Google Contacts at once with just a few clicks, so you can focus on what’s important, like all your other business priorities.