Telephone Answering Service


Another Way that RingByName is More Than Just a Business Phone System

Your Own Phone Answering Service

The Next Level Business Phone System

In the wise words of Brooks Haldin, “the world has gone and got itself in a big hurry”. There isn’t enough time to do anything anymore and it seems as if days are getting shorter. The culprit may be our business phone systems.

Our cellphones have given us access to clients and our own businesses 24 hours a day. And although constant access may have been an advantage a few years ago, these days it’s a hindrance if not used correctly. Business phone systems should be helping and that’s where the RingByName’s virtual receptionist comes in.

Available 24/7

Always available to take your call

Greet Customers By Name

Client information and logging creates custom greetings

Integrated CRM

We know when your customers last called and who they spoke with

Caller Priority

You define your clients and we treat them accordingly


Three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese

Increased Productivity

Spend less time transferring calls and switching between hold calls

Integrated Business Phone System

Client focus business phone systems is a core value of the RingByName’s philosophy. Business phone systems that improve operations and client relationships.

We have found that the best way to ensure that our phone service benefits the businesses we service is to integrate our business phone systems into every part of client relationship operations.

Benefits of A Virtual Receptionist

Take control of your time again. The RingByName virtual receptionist gives business owners the resources needed to maximize time, efficiency, and client relationships.

Your very own virtual receptionist, helping you build better client relationships.

  • Portray an image of Fortune 500 success, even if you’re a small company.
  • Take control of your time by setting and defining client priorities.
  • There’s no need to hire or train a receptionist.

Take your time back again and build better client relationships all with a simple switch. Choose RingByName.