RingByName Features include Built-in CRM, Caller Intelligence, Online Management & Administration and much more


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RingByName Features include Built-in CRM, Caller Intelligence, Online Management & Administration and much more


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A Few Things That Set R! Apart

RingByName is a cloud business phone systems evolved. Whether you’re a business with one office, or a large enterprise with teams in multiple locations anywhere in the world, or a non-profit organization, RingByName will give you best in class service while reducing your communication headaches and expenses. RingByName business phone solutions are designed to help create better relationships with your customers with its built-in intelligent routing and customer relations software. Providing a top notch phone experience for your customers will surely increase their affinity for your brand and service.


Get unlimited calls to the US and Canada for one low monthly price.  Super low cost international calling too.  Hey, call like your business success depends on it because in fact, it does.  As a bonus, the money you save goes right to your bottom line. This is a business phone system that pays for itself in dividends.


RingByName greets your contacts by name.  Once a caller uses RingByName and has been identified, he or she is greeted by name from then on.  This personalized attention means more people will choose to stay with your company plus more prospects will choose your business in the first place.


RingByName remembers who the caller last spoke with. This seems pretty logical but nobody else does it. We think it’s a powerful way to build relationships, not just take calls. That’s a business phone feature that fosters relationship and business building.


Screen calls by defining them as VIPs, normal callers or even callers you want to block or blacklist. Calls can be routed through menus, to departments, or to individuals. This is a logical way to make you and your staff more productive every day.


RingByName knows your office hours as well as team member availabilities.  What a concept, using a phone service to route calls to people when they are there.  You’ll never lose a call. And you’ll probably gain a bunch more business while you’re at it. That’s just a no brainer for all business phone systems, to bad no one else is here to help like we are.


RingByName works simultaneously on your landline, mobile device and computer. This helps you stay in touch no matter where you are. In this 24/7 business world, staying in touch means staying ultra-profitable. Accept nothing else from your business phone solution.

RingByName VoIP Phone Service

VoIP telephony is now the new face of communication technology – a complete deviation from traditional telephone systems. As a great innovation, it offers so many features that businesses can take advantage of. As VoIP gains momentum now, more and more people have come to recognize its great benefits which include common business phone features like caller ID, call waiting, unique ringtones, and call blocking, to innovative ones such as videoconferencing, contact center, virtual office services, free intra-network calls, low-cost international calls, CRM, and much more.

Save Money

Best alternative to cut back on your telephone bills payment


Easier to set-up, configure and maintain

More Features

Virtual assistant, call queuing, fax, hold music and more are all included

Service Mobility

The freedom to allow your phone number to follow you wherever you go

Reliable in a Pinch

If your office phone can’t be answered, your mobile device or laptop can

Increased Productivity

Make phone calls from your web browser, share documents with eFax, and view call logs

Despite the wide array of VoIP advantages, a small segment of the population is still reluctant of the idea either because of lack of knowledge or inherent inclination towards traditional telephones. But the underlying reason raised by most people is the skepticism on VoIP features. RingByName has come up with a technology that builds on traditional business phone features, and now those traditional features are complemented with highly-advanced VoIP call features.

With so much to benefit and little (or nothing) to lose, VoIP telephony system is definitely one good alternative to cut back on your telephone bills payment.

Features By Solution

Our Features Will Make Your Business Win


Complete control over your business phone service settings and automated system.  RingByName is designed to help you to have better relationships with your customers with its built-in intelligent routing and customer relations software. This Increases your customers’ affinity for your brand and service.

Online Management and Admin

Administrators can make changes to all of their system settings using a simple self-service web portal.

Business Hours Rules

Create business hours for your entire business, or for separate departments and route calls accordingly.

Call Reporting and Analytics

Call reporting tool allows administrators to quickly gauge the volume of phone calls, employee call activity, and even access call recordings. All reports can be downloaded for further analysis or for billing customers.

Call Recording‡

Call Recording allows you to set any department in your business to be recorded — for training purposes, regulatory compliance, sales confirmation.
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Activity Tracking

RingByName allows your team to see what is going on inside your business. All calls are automatically logged and recorded and allowing for a birds eye view of your business communications.
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Traditional PBX Features

Music on Hold, Transfer, and three-way calling all included at no cost


Efficiently communicate, collaborate, hold conversations, share notes and more with RingByName.

Call Presence

RingByName’s web & mobile application allows users to see the status of all extensions within the system.  Tell who’s on the phone, with whom they are speaking and for how long, all at a glance.

Enhanced CRM‡

The RingByName Enhanced CRM will allow you to truly manage all of your business relationships, give you access not only to call notes, and customer contact history, but also track your sales opportunities and improve your sales cycle. This easy-to-use tool allows you to track sales stages, deal values, and run reports to analyze and allow you to close a deal faster and more efficiently.
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Dial-in Teleconference‡

Need to have a meeting with your team or prospective client? RingByName will allow you to create, schedule, and send invitations to Dial-in Teleconference with dedicated telephone numbers and PIN codes.
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Easy Address Book Importing

Import contacts directly from Google Contacts or import from your existing mail, or CRM using our simple import tool.

Integrated Message Alerts

RingByname will email voicemail, missed call and call back requests to you automatically.

3-Way Calling

3-Way Calling allows you to add a third person to your phone conversation.

Quick Notes Sharing

Ever wanted to leave a Sticky Note on your co-workers PC? RingByName allows you to create and send notes easily to others helping you work quickly and efficiently.

Event Scheduling

Need a reminder to call back a client? Have you forgotten to join a conference call? With RingByName you can schedule meetings, calls, and discussions and share them with your team from within a single application.


RingByName coordinates all telephone and electronic contacts between your company and the public. Custom settings and controls allow you to define how you want a caller to be treated.  Screen calls by defining them as VIPs, normal callers or even callers you want to block or blacklist.  Calls can be routed through menus, to departments, or to individuals.

Call Queuing‡

Ability for inbound calls to be held in queue in a department waiting for agents to pick up.

Remote Call Pickup

Ability for a user to pick up a call for him/her in another phone extension by punching his/her code.

Call Screening

Allows user to see who is calling on your web app.

Advanced Call Management

  • Distribute incoming calls or manage phone number assignments for outbound centers
  • Provide the infrastructure for call management, placement, and monitoring

Real-time Reporting & Monitoring

Call reporting tool allows administrators to quickly gauge the volume of phone calls, employee call activity, and even access call recordings.  All reports can be downloaded for further analysis or for billing customers. Managers are also able to track and monitor calls.

Advanced and Optional Features Available

  • Include the following features: automatic call distributor, universal communications, interactive voice response, universal queue management, and/or computer-telephony integrations.
  • Supply additional features that assist call center representatives such as speed analytics, call routing, and automatic dialing.

Contact Center Software Integration

Integrate with other contact center software to offer comprehensive feature coverage for call centers if features are not provided natively.


RingByName allows you to accelerate and manage your growth using tools designed to help IT Departments manage the enterprise through one centralized interface. Move, add, and change settings easily and instantly. Simple, clean user interfaces with self-service minimize your support.

Role Based Permissions

Powerful permission-based access with user, manager, admin, and super admin roles.
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Single Sign On (SSO) Management Portal

Single Sign-On (SSO) Enterprise Portal gives administrators access to all locations and their configuration from a single interface.
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Cost Center Billing

Consolidate services and simplified invoicing with cost center billing.

Inter-location Analytics

Advanced Reporting and Analytics for all your locations make it easy to quickly access vital statistics for all call activities.

Permission Based Security

Protect from unauthorized access and configuration with Permission restriction controls.

Advanced Call Routing

RingByName’s powerful advanced routing engine is ideal for businesses that wish to route calls from customers to specific locations or groups or that need to transfer calls to locations that serve that zip code. Learn More

Protect from unauthorized access and configuration with Permission restriction controls.


Buying new numbers and telephones can be expensive – and pricing matters. That’s why RingByName offers 1, 2, or 3-year payment plans for new VoIP telephones. As well as offering Free Global Calling within Ext. or Local Everywhere‡, Toll Free Numbers, and Vanity Numbers.

Free Global Calling within Ext.

There is never a charge for calls between team member extensions, whether they are in the same building, or across the planet.

Local Everywhere‡

Keep your current number or choose from a list of available local numbers (Check availability) with RingByName.
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Toll Free Numbers

Add Toll Free numbers in the USA & Canada for only $4.95 per month. International Toll Free Numbers are available in several countries as well.
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Device & Mobile Compatibility

RingByName is compatible with a wide variety of VoIP devices.  Bring Your Own device or choose from one of our managed devices for the ultimate convenience.


At RingByName, we understand that business phone service is just one piece of the tech puzzle that helps your company succeed. That’s why we make sure that our VoIP for business fits in with everything else your business uses.

Click-2-Call Extension

Click2Call Extension allows any telephone number that appears in your Chrome browser to launch a telephone call on your phone system.
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Amazon Alexa Support‡

RingByName knows that running a business is hands-on and so turning Amazon’s Alexa into a hands-free business assistant is a great recipe for greater productivity.

Salesforce App Available‡

Make and receive phone calls using your business phone number directly through Salesforce. Contact details screenpop on inbound calls and click-to-call for outbound calls.
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Advanced 3rd Party Integration (Zapier)‡

Our VoIP service and related systems can easily integrate with the rest of your business. Through our partnership with Zapier, our cloud-hosted VoIP service can work with over 1,000 of the best business tools on the market.
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Improve your company image with professional custom greetings and voicemail options specific to your business.

Virtual Receptionist

Our automated answering service will answer your business phone 24/7 and will route your calls to the appropriate person or department, after greeting your client by name. You can even have your auto attendant greeting and system prompts in three languages; English, Spanish and Portuguese.
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Voicemail to Email

Voicemails are automatically converted to MP3 and delivered to your email so that they can be accessed from any device.

Customized Greetings & Music on Hold

Ability to customize menu options using built-in Text-to-Speech function or by uploading MP3 files.
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Advanced Call Routing

Calls can be routed through menus, to departments, or to individuals within your organization.  RingByName also features simultaneous routing of calls to cell phones. Learn More


Type in your greeting for a professional voice menu.


Keeping up with the new trends in technolegy is not always easy. Some people stick to the old ways, like with Fax and some only want to contact you via text. We make both possible at RingByName.

Business SMS

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also commonly referred to as a “text message”. With a business SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. Longer messages will automatically be split up into several parts. Most cell phones support this type of text messaging.
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Your company can send, receive and view faxes on the RingByName web and mobile app. Also you get your fax as a PDF in your email.


Your RingByName business phone system is now available in the palm of your hand. Manage your phone system directly on your iOS or Android device and take your business calls, manage business contacts, and voice messages from anywhere.

Apple iOS App

Download the free mobile application for your Apple iOS device.
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Android App

Download the free mobile application on GooglePlay for your Android device.
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† Feature may require additional services, configuration, or may be limited based on customer size.

‡ Feature may require additional subscription, license, usage fees, or surcharges.