Answering Services and Virtual Receptionist for Lawyers

I f you own or work in a small law office, you’ll love RingByName. It’s a business phone service that helps you organize your call logs, manage your contact lists, and listen to voicemails from your e-mail in-box. RingByName also works on your desktop IP phone, mobile phone or tablet. Judged by any standard, this remarkable phone service makes you and others in your office more productive.

virtual receptionist for lawyers

Look like You Are in the Office All the Time

We suspect that sometimes it feels that you are working all of the time. You may be in the office, in court or working at home. With RingByName you have a phone system that travels with you. Your clients have one number to call regardless of where you are so you’ll never miss a call again. Your client will think that you live in the office. For your sake, we hope you don’t.

Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

Granted we are a phone company, so what we think is cool may differ from other people.

Here are a few cool things we like.

  • You can forward calls to your cell phone and get the same information and functionality you would get if you were in the office.
  • You can have your desk and mobile phones ring simultaneously or sequentially for every incoming call.
  • You can have calls transferred from anyone in your office to your desktop IP phone, cell phone or landline no matter where you are simply by dialing an extension.

Time Is Money

RingByName’s detailed call logs make it easy to track the time you spend on calls. So billable time is registered and then billed accurately. With RingByName you spend more time making money and less time on call administration.

Here are a few good things you can do

  • Our easy to use team activity feature lets you view call logs across departments, groups, or individuals to track time spent on calls.
  • RingByName is highly collaborative and gives you the ability to associate notes with calls or callers. What’s more these reports can be shared among all relevant members of your firm.
  • You can get all of this information in real time. So you can be up to date with your calls and your billing all the time.

Saving Your Law Firm Money Is Part Of Our DNA

Many law firms find that RingByName costs less. That’s less than a traditional PBX system. Less than a big phone company system. And less than just about any phone system on the market. We offer flat-fee calling plans that include unlimited domestic long distance calling to the US and Canada along with incredibly low priced rates for international calling. If your law firm has multiple offices, you can save even more by leveraging a single VoIP network for voice and data – and reach everyone in the firm, regardless of their location, just by dialing an extension. We’re great at saving you money. We can figure out even more ways to save you money by talking with you, figuring out what you need and designing a plan that’s really efficient. So call us today and we can begin what we hope to be a long relationship.