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call_recordingCALL RECORDING

RingByName customers refer to the three most common reasons to use VoIP call recording, outlined here:

  • Training

    Chances are you have heard an automated voice tell you, “This call may be recording for quality and training purposes”. If not that exact phrase, something very similar. VoIP call recording is the solution referred to here.
    There is no better way to develop a customer-focused employee culture than to highlight successful interactions. VoIP call recording is an option RingByName clients use to train their employees.
    Small businesses owners can also use recorded calls for personal development and self-training.

  • Customer Retention

    It is cheaper and more effective to maintain current customers, and small businesses that flourish are familiar with that fact. Using VoIP call recording gives your business the tools it needs to resolve disputes and help deliver more effectively to your clients.
    Conference calls can be replayed and used to clarify on customer needs and agree upon specific terms.

  • Mitigate and Manage Risk with VoIP Call Recording

    The business world has changed dramatically over the past few years, and now more than ever, companies have to go to great lengths for legal protection. The laws and regulations that are imposed on every industry are increasing, and the consequences of non-compliance are unforgiving.

Most modern companies use a form of team activity tracking software; however, instead of the outdated forms of tracking, like white boards and markers, companies now turn towards digital communication. Bring your communications into the digital age with RingByName.


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