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Multi-Location Business Case Studies

Learn how Enterprise managers, IT Directors or CIOs of multi-location companies can become the hero of their Enterprise Communication Solution with RingByName.

Before the sun is even up and your alarm goes off, your inbox is filling up with requests. 10 fires to put out, 2 buckets of water, and you haven’t even had your morning coffee. The team in Europe can’t connect to the phone network, and those on the field in Utah are having trouble logging their cold calls. For companies with worldwide operations, the work never ends

For Enterprise managers, IT Directors or CIOs… These are the days of our lives. Cue dramatic music and hourglass floating through the air.

In fact, no matter the size of your enterprise, you’re always fielding requests and troubleshooting problems. What if you had an Enterprise Management System that increased efficiency and gave you a bird’s eye view of your company’s enterprise phone system?

At RingByName, we’re here to help make your life easier by empowering you with our Enterprise Phone System, centralized management solution and Single Sign-On (SSO) Enterprise Platform. Centralized Phone Management has been taken to the next level.

RingByName Enterprise VoIP Phone Service Superhero

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Benefits of A Centralized Enterprise Phone System

Any company with multiple locations can benefit from SSO Enterprise Solutions. With our industry-leading mobile and web apps combined with our cloud-based enterprise technology, you’ll have all the support you need to quickly meet any challenge.

SSO as part of Centralized Management

Our Single Sign-On Enterprise Platform empowers IT Directors, CTOs and CIOs with more control, providing better internal support and one Single Sign-On Enterprise Platform, allowing administrators to access all locations and their configuration from one interface. Our responsive support services also help by detecting and even troubleshooting problems remotely before they become detrimental to your operations.

The benefits of SSO is in its highly organized simplicity. Access to multitenant architecture no matter where you are. Access your enterprise phone system even from the most remote spots: that TGIF in Sedona, Arizona, the bed and breakfast in Lawrence, Kansas or even in Antarctica if that’s where your company is expanding. Additionally, our thoughts and prayers are with anyone who has to make that trip… bring chapstick.

Your morning just got a lot easier, more efficient and a little less crazy.

It’s Easy to Use – No Hassle, All Hustle

You don’t need to take a night course at the local community college to learn how to use this centralized phone system. This single-access platform gives administrators access to all locations and configuration options from one interface, along with consolidated services and simplified use.

You can move, add and change services in minutes. This enterprise phone system is as dynamic and fluid as your business needs it to be. Chief Executives never stop working, and the technology they surround themselves with has to match that level of hard-working intensity. RingByName empowers you with more control with our centralized management tools. Access all locations and employees over thousands of miles from anywhere, at any time. One platform opens up endless opportunities and complete control.

Troubleshooting – Done Right

There are no hold times, no manuals to read, no troubled troubleshooting. We increase your ability to troubleshoot with a centralized enterprise management system that’s intuitive and made to work.

Actionable intelligence gives IT Directors and CIOs the power to make effective changes and take action as needed. “Super Users” have the ability to log in and mimic any Administrator, Manager, or user for easy troubleshooting, configuration, status, and reporting.

Tools to Support Enterprise Users

Instantly, you are an administrator with some real power. Call & Activity Reporting for each location is the bird’s eye view you never knew was possible, and won’t be able to live without.

Access to all user, department, call distribution and phone number routing settings within 4 clicks and separate unique instances for each location create tailored & compartmentalized instances.

From one platform with different permission levels, you and your management team can sign on and monitor, customize, and edit all aspects of your phone system. From the top level down, we offer unparalleled control to easily see and access everything within the entire enterprise phone solution all with one Single Sign-On Enterprise Platform.

Damage Control Built-In

Let’s face it: IT Directors, Administrators, CIOs, Enterprise Managers— no matter the title— you are a firefighter. Your job is to innovate, meet quotas, and put out as many fires as you can at all times. If management was easy, everyone would be doing it.

But it can be EASIER with the right centralized Enterprise Management System.


Single Platform for all access types with preconfigured views & feature set. Create and remove access as needed on the fly. You could be switching user permissions while waiting at Gate D26 at Atlanta International Airport.

  • User: limited access to contacts, call records, call status; no access to reports or statistics.
  • Manager: access to call logs, live call statistics and reports for their department with limited configuration access
  • Administrator: full access to all information and configuration settings for their instance
  • Enterprise Super User: Complete access to all settings, configurations, logs, and reports for all instances across the organization
Protection Included

With RingByName, there’s no need to worry about unauthorized access and theft. You have the keys to the castle. Our Platform includes powerful fraud protection and mitigation technology limiting your exposure to hackers and others looking to steal phone service. Even your CFO can rest easy.


Permission prevents damage, but sometimes things happen.

Restore to the last known good configuration in case of problems, misconfiguration or accidental deletion. Why does this exist? Well, do you have an intern? A fresh-faced kid with one foot on the ground and another in the clouds. Chances are that intern is going to delete something, or do something so incredibly impossible that your IT Director will be annoyed, and even a little perplexed.

These things happen, so why not have a rollback functionality in place. Prevention is better than cure.

Goodwill Case Study

See how R! Enterprise Solutions have worked for the multi-location company Goodwill of South Florida.
Samuel Robinson
Director of I.T. at Goodwill

RingByName is the most proactive company I’ve ever worked with. They call us with updates, and alert us when system needs attention, before we even know it.

Download the RingByName Goodwill Case Study


Goodwill testimonial