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We understand the spur of the moment nature of the entertainment industry. In fact, we were once trapeze artists before we became cloud-based. And you can probably already tell we failed at comedy as part of our performance. Don’t allow lesser qualified performers to take your potential gigs. RingByName will connect your email, smartphone, and office computer making them all a seamless engine for your business. We can also improve with many popular CRMs and email marketing platforms ensuring you get ahead. You have to hear about the opportunity to seize it. We are the way.

Look like You Are in the Office All the Time

RingByName’s smart virtual receptionist greets your contacts by name and routes them to the person they spoke with last. This lets your customers build relationships with specific people on your team by easily getting them back in touch with the person handling their bookings or inquiries. If a call goes to voicemail, the caller will hear a custom message or a scripted message read by our smart receptionist. If the caller chooses to leave a voicemail or a callback request, you will see a notification in both the RingByName and your email. RingByName routes calls to any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone ensuring that calls do not get missed and communications continue to flow. Once your office is closed for the day, RingByName will play a special “off-hours” message, and can route the caller to a team member’s mobile phone or simply take a message in the appropriate directory. This assures you that all calls will be handled efficiently and professionally.

Take Your Business on the Road

Does your smartphone store your business’s call logs, contact information, and all the other information you need to run your business from anywhere? We thought not. That’s why RingByName is designed to work on any PC or Mac. Plus, with our mobile versions you can turn your smartphone or tablet into an extension of your office. Set reminders to give potential customers a call back. Take your RingByName CRM on the go, so you can read your customer notes, see your call logs, and playback voicemails whenever you wish. So whether you are on Broadway or in Boise, you always can stay connected.

Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

RingByName does way more than liberate you from managing your own phone calls. We also help you manage many other aspects of your day-to-day work. Here’s a look at some of the possibilities with RingByName.

  • You can set pre-recorded messages answering common questions, eliminating the redundant calls you receive throughout the day.
  • You can build better relationships with your customers. Our smart virtual receptionist will route callers back to you for their — and your — benefit.
  • You can check voicemails directly from your email and also in RingByName application, ensuring you never miss a message and can catalog important messages for later.

Give Your Business a Professional Image Without Ever Opening an Office

With RingByName your image will be enhanced immediately with professional greetings, menus, and unlimited extensions. Plus, your “makeover” can include as many phone numbers as you want. Unify remote locations and mobile employees with a main toll free number or use local numbers for any city in the US and in 67 other countries.

  • Free Phone Numbers: Choose new local numbers or transfer an existing number. Toll free numbers cost just a little extra each month.
  • Customizable Greetings: Record professional company greetings with our IVR
  • Built-in CRM: Record notes, view detailed call logs, and receive voicemails to email, among many other features.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Forwards callers to the person they spoke with last
  • Mobile Versions: For Android and iPhone devices
  • Unlimited Extensions & Voicemail: Assign departments and employees their own extensions
  • Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada

Saving Your Show Business’s Money is Part of Our DNA

Once you get RingByName, you will capture more prospects and turn them into closed deals. With just one extra performance a month, your monthly bill will be paid many times over. Harness all the power of RingByName by tracking your clients, making more calls, and never missing a beat. RingByName’s powerful phone service and built-in CRM tool work with your web-based email marketing, CRM, and accounting software too so you can always keep track of your calls and the status of all your gigs. Now that’s a constructive use of your phone time.


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