Business Phone Solutions for Fitness Centers

O ne of our happy customers, fitness center Crossfit Key Biscayne, has a much stronger phone system with RingByName. The business relies on bringing in members and building a solid bond between trainers and members. RingByName helps achieve this without breaking a sweat. The system greets all contacts by name and transfers them to the person they spoke with last, a great tool for building better relationships and giving callers a personalized experience. RingByName’s built-in CRM provides office staff all of the pertinent information for each caller, with intelligent screen pops displaying the call history, notes, and contact information for all incoming calls.

Fitness Center Business Phones

Create a Personal Connection with Your Callers

People who are searching for a gym are going to choose the place that makes them feel most comfortable. Sure, pricing and equipment are important factors, but if your team can’t make the prospect believe that your gym will keep them coming back, the person will choose another facility. So install a phone service that keeps them calling back. RingByName does more than your smartphone, but guess what? It runs on your smartphone too. Stop missing calls and missing out on opportunities by letting RingByName manage your calls for you. Upload a custom message, add custom music for on-hold callers, and receive email notifications for all missed calls and voicemails. We make sure your callers can reach you in the right way, anytime, anywhere.

Take Your Business on the Road

Does your smartphone store your business’s call logs, contact information, and all the other information you need to run your business from any location? Probably not. That’s why RingByName is designed to work on any PC or Mac. Plus, with our Android and iPhone mobile versions you can turn your smartphone or tablet into an extension of your business. Set reminders to give potential customers a call back. Take your RingByName CRM on the go. So you can read your customer notes, see your call logs, and playback voicemails or call recordings whenever you wish.

Exercise Your Business

How are your ad campaigns doing? Not sure? You can track the effectiveness of your advertisements by giving each campaign a unique virtual extension using what is known as a call to action. When your customers call in to that number it will still hit your regular business line, but you’ll know where their call came from. The businesses that succeed these days don’t lose out on customers by employing the same old systems.

Show Off Your Style

Do you blast old school rock and roll to get your members pumped or do you default to Top 40 tunes? The little details of your gym and fitness center can all become selling points. Brand your gym according to its personal style and you’ll see an increase in prospects. And RingByName can help you extend that personal brand to your fitness center business phones service. Upload a custom greeting in the tone and style of your team and choose custom on-hold music to match the theme of your center. It’ll make a good impression on the people looking to join a like-minded community and turn potential customers into long-term customers.


Saving Your Fitness Center Money is Part of Our DNA.

By now you know that RingByName does a ton of cool stuff to streamline your business. And that isn’t even the half of it. It manages your calls, conforms to your brand, works on any nearly any device and pushes your phone to the next level. It doesn’t stop there. RingByName is also incredibly affordable. The service will pay for itself many times over each month with just one or two of the extra new customers. Don’t be a doubter. Just call us and we’ll figure out which of our flexible plans is the best for your small business.