Home Office Phone Systems and Solutions

Small and home based businesses work well with RingByName. Look like a Fortune 500 company with your very own toll-free numbers, or create a local presence in any city with local numbers for any zip code in the US and over 67 countries. Our smart virtual receptionist adds to the sophistication of your business by greeting callers by name and routing them to any device you designate. This can be a tablet, smartphone, desk phone, or PC or Mac. It’s your choice. With this technology in place you can work comfortably and look like a big time business too.

home office phone systems

Look like You Are in the ‘Office’ All the Time

Whether you’re spending the day at your favorite Starbucks or you’re running your home office out of several locations, all you need is your smartphone, tablet, and/or PC or Mac to get the full functionality of RingByName. It works flawlessly no matter where you are. RingByName allows you to look like a sophisticated business whether you’re in the office or sipping a cold beverage at the beach. Plus, our 24/7 smart receptionist can help you separate working hours from off hours by following a defined schedule and greeting clients with the appropriate customized greeting. When you’re only taking calls from Very Important People, you can change your status within RingByName to narrow down who can reach you. The rest will be greeted by the smart receptionist and played the appropriate greeting. With RingByName you’ll have the freedom to be anywhere you want and be professional at all times.

Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

Many people work from home for the flexibility and comfort it allows. We help you turn your home into a fully functioning office in minutes with RingByName. Here’s proof.

  • You can assign different greetings to each virtual number and you can create separate virtual numbers to give out to your vendors, bosses, employees, or any other type of contact.
  • You can receive faxes to your email as PDF or image files, for easy sorting and filing.
  • You can route calls to any number or device, allowing you to be reached however you like without having to give out your personal telephone numbers.

Time is Money

RingByName’s detailed call logs make it easy to track the time you spend on calls. So remembering who you spoke with and when is handled in our app and logged for you. You can also document what you spoke about by adding notes directly to the caller’s contact history.

  • Our easy to use software gives you access to every RingByName feature, we provide training based on your availability in case you need any instruction.
  • Our 24/7 smart receptionist assists you in many ways from routing calls to wherever you are, to playing customized greetings according to your on & off hours, and other relationship building tasks.
  • All the RingByName features serve to simplify your daily tasks while providing a sophisticated, yet simple, phone service to give you an edge over the rest.

Look like a Fortune 500 Company

Our smart receptionist is programmed to greet your customers by name and route them to the person they spoke with last, as well as transfer them to any device you’ve designated. You can record custom greetings or write scripts to be read by a natural-sounding synthetic voice. When your callers hear our smart receptionist greet them by name, we guarantee they’ll enjoy calling you back.

Saving You Money Is Part Of Our DNA

We offer two types of service plans to best suit your needs. If you’re a home-based employee that works for a company, your company can get the full RingByName program for the office and R! Virtual lines for all home-based or “virtual” employees. Or if you are an independent businessperson you can get the entire RingByName system for just yourself. Your options are endless. What’s more RingByName gives you free built-in CRM, enhances most leading web-based CRM, Accounting, Invoicing, and other business software packages. It’s just the kind of advantage any home based business can use today.

You get all this for one low price:

  • Reliable phone service with unlimited calls to US and Canada
  • English-speaking, US-based activation specialists to help get you setup, at no cost
  • No Setup Fees, no contracts required