Information Technology Phone Systems

W hether you’re an independent consultant, the head IT person at your company, or part of an IT firm, your business will thrive when you get RingByName. At its core, RingByName is a professional business phone system that doubles as a 24/7 virtual office to stay connected with your clients. It’s great for building relationships with prospects and works well for tracking customer data by working with your CRM and accounting software. RingByName can manage as many virtual extensions as you need with unique local or toll-free numbers. Our smart receptionist is programmed with enhanced call forwarding and advanced call routing, sending your callers exactly where they need to go. Voicemail to email and fax to email capabilities ensure that you will never miss a message.

Answering services for IT companies

Look like You Are in the Office All the Time

We know that the IT business never sleeps, but we suspect you do occasionally. With RingByName, our 24/7 smart receptionist is always ready to greet your clients and take messages. And when you are taking calls, our virtual receptionist will route your calls to any device whether you’re in the office, providing onsite support, or working at home. With RingByName you have a phone system that travels with you. Your clients only have to call one number to reach you and you can choose which phone will receive the calls. This means you’ll never miss a call again. With RingByName your clients will think that you live in the office. For your sake, we hope you don’t.

Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

RingByName does a lot to liberate you from managing your own phone calls, giving you time to focus on getting things done. Plus, we also help you manage many other aspects of your day-to-day work. Here’s a snippet of what the possibilities you’ll receive with RingByName.

  • You can record announcements by phone, by uploading audio files, or by typing out call scripts online to be read by our natural-sounding virtual receptionist.
  • You can build better relationships with your clients. Our smart virtual receptionist will route callers back to you for their benefit and yours.
  • You can take RingByName, along with all its functionality, anywhere you go by using our simple to use mobile version for your tablet and smartphone.

Time is Money

There’s nothing like having full control over where and when you can be reached and by whom. We know you need to be there for your clients. After all, you are handling their technology and essentially their business relies on you. In the IT business, like many other professions, we know that distractions can slow you down. Work faster and smarter. RingByName strengthens your business relationships by harnessing the power of communication to make you more productive and profitable.

Turning Prospects into Clients Is Part Of Our DNA

Once you get RingByName, you will capture more prospects and turn them into closed deals. Your callers will be impressed by your high-tech and sophisticated phone system. In fact, they’ll be so impressed that they will be more likely to hire you on. With just one extra client check, your monthly bill will be paid many times over. Harness all the power of RingByName by tracking your clients, making more calls, and never missing a beat. RingByName’s powerful phone service and built-in CRM tool means you can always keep track of your calls and the status of all your deals. Now that’s a constructive use of your phone time.

Make Your Own Economic Stimulus with Our Partner Program

For IT professionals looking to turn their client list into a revenue stream, RingByName has launched a Partner Program to help you do just that. The cloud-based VoIP market is the real deal when it comes to phone service as it cuts costs by using a single network to carry voice and data. Your clients won’t need a server to store their contacts and secure information because it’s all in our cloud. Our cloud is extremely reliable and 100% private. Beyond cutting maintenance and hardware costs, we provide IP desk phones or cordless phones with a one-year or more commitment. We include provisioning and training, too. A partnership with us is sure to put more money into your pocket because our reliable and future-proof product is what your clients need. Learn more about our how our Partner Program can generate strong recurring revenue for your firm.