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The World Wide Web has created a sense of scale in consumer behaviors. Consumers are used to having access to companies from all over the world at just the click of a button, yet many prefer to do business with a company that is based locally.  In years prior, the only means to create a local number would be to have a local office in the area. Digital communications have changed that, and this game-changing option is now available to small businesses at an affordable rate.  The local number everywhere option from RingByName is a VoIP service that allows businesses to benefit from that inherent consumer need.

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Consider the local everywhere
service for these detailed reasons:

  • Creating Trust
    Creating a local number through VoIP software adds a level of trust between the business and the consumer. Customers who believe they are calling a local number are often more apt to do business with that company. Consumers also tend to trust smaller businesses. Instead of that hindering your company’s success, you can now foster that sense of trust and community while delivering your products and services to more people.
  • More Calls Make More Sales Opportunities
    Consumers are more likely to call a local business instead of a toll-free 800-number. The local everywhere service gives your company the edge it needs to generate those sales leads. Once a customer has called your business, your potential to make a sale has increased.
    Create the urgency to call by ordering a local number through VoIP software.


  • Create New Markets
    Using VoIP services like the local everywhere is a digital edge over the competition. Your market is no longer restricted to the area that your business services. You are now a local business in different counties, or even different states.
    If like most companies, your local business is responsible for the majority of your sales, meaning you can increase your ROI simply by becoming “more local”.
    Having a local number creates more opportunity for large scale advertising on local directories.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve
    Businesses are made or broken by the ability to stay ahead of the curve. As more companies choose to have local numbers through VoIP software, they are taking advantage of the many opportunities to help grow your business.
    You can answer calls from anywhere in the country, and from the consumers perspective, it seems as though you are located right in the same city.  For cold calls, consumers are much more likely to answer a call from a local number they do not know, instead of a long
    distance telephone number. A local number through VoIP software provides the opportunity to sell to consumers in other areas like yours.

Most modern companies use a form of team activity tracking software; however, instead of the outdated forms of tracking, like white boards and markers, companies now turn towards digital communication. Bring your communications into the digital age with RingByName.

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