RingByName Salesforce Plugin

Take your client communication and cloud CRM to the next level with the RingByName plugin available through Salesforce.

Your office phone and integrated CRM system is still the most valuable piece of communication equipment at your disposal. However, these tools of industry are only as effective as the system and process put in place to use them correctly.

The RingByName Salesforce plugin simplifies communication through Salesforce and improves client relationships. A salesforce plugin for sales and communication that’s focused on just that.

Benefits of the RingByName Salesforce Plugin:

Integrate your current client list with a few clicks.

There is no major onboarding process, and no hours spent on the phone with tech support. Install the RingByName plugin and begin using it.

Simplify and drastically improve your client management process.

Added notes and call logging always for better tracking and monitoring. Better tracking allows you to discover opportunities and weed out weaknesses. Improving your company’s client management process one step at a time.

Increase team member efficiency.

Click to call contacts in Salesforce directly. All your clients and prospects in one app and available for dialing in just a few clicks. Spend less time looking for contacts and tracking calls in separate apps. All your calls in one app.

Integrated, shared notes for effective client relationship management.

Build trust by following up with client requests, remembering every important point on all your calls by taking notes. Shared notes allow all team members to pick up where other team members left off. Make every client feel as if they are the only one.

More returned calls, more monitoring, more selling.

Stay in contact with clients and be their “go to” person. More phone communication and more time to listen and observe means happier clients.

Use the tools that RingByName provides to set yourself apart from your competitors. Be the best by using the best communication plugin on Salesforce.

The RingByName Salesforce plugin is optimized to be simple to use, easy to integrate, and completely customizable to allow your sales team to focus on what they do best: sell. That’s why we designed a Salesforce plugin for sales. Customize your sales process, automations, and workflows:

  • Click to call any phone number within Salesforce
  • Initiate calls using the dialpad within the Salesforce app
  • Helpful contact popup of a Salesforce contact when receiving a call
  • Calls are logged in contacts in Salesforce
  • Users can leave notes for future reference within the Salesforce app during a call

It’s about time that the best Salesforce plugins got a little help in the communication department. How are you different from your competitors? The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra. Let’s work together to get that little extra.

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