Phone Solutions for Printing and Manufacturing Businesses

W ith the economy as it is, many printing and manufacturing businesses have been faced with a simple ultimatum: get more efficient or quit. Technology has made it easier for many businesses to make dramatic improvements at minimal cost. The printing and manufacturing sectors have been really affected. Sure, the web means fewer things need to get printed, and overseas competition has challenged the manufacturing sector, but both industries will adapt and move forward more efficiently. There will always be a need to have things done right, with an attention to quality and detail. When it comes to phone service, RingByName has all the quality you want and we sweat the details. RingByName offers a quick improvement to help you cut costs and improve relationships with your customers and your team members. Our VoIP phone service and built-in CRM (with tools to enhance most major 3rd party CRMs) is just the tool you need to win and keep more customers every day.

Printing and Manufacturing Business Phones

Look like You Are in the Office All the Time

RingByName’s smart virtual receptionist greets your contacts by name and routes them to the person they spoke with last. This lets your customers build relationships with specific people on your team by easily getting them back in touch with the person handling their orders or inquiries. If a call goes to voicemail, the caller will hear a custom message or a scripted message read by our smart receptionist. If the caller chooses to leave a voicemail or a callback request, you will see a notification in both RingByName and your email. RingByName routes calls to any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone ensuring that calls do not get missed and communications continue to flow. Once the office is closed, RingByName will play a special “off-hours” message, and can route the caller to a team member’s mobile phone or simply take a message for the appropriate department. This assures you that all calls will be handled efficiently and professionally.

Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

The power of RingByName is clear. With RingByName:

  • You can receive faxes to your email as PDF or image files, allowing you to share things easily as well as store them in an organized manner on your hard drive.
  • You can build better relationships with your clients. Our smart virtual receptionist will greet your clients by name and route them directly to you each time they call back.
  • You can check voicemails directly from your email. You’ll never miss a message again plus you can catalog important messages for later review.

Streamline Your Workflow with Superior Technology

Our simple to use technology allows you to transfer calls between phones, receive voicemail to email, program a smart receptionist to do your bidding for you, record calls, and so much more.

  • You can set pre-recorded messages answering common questions, eliminating the redundant calls you receive throughout the day.
  • You can forward calls to your cell phone and get the same information and functionality you would get if you were in the office.
  • You can have calls transferred from anyone in your office to your desktop IP phone, cell phone or landline no matter where you are simply by dialing an extension.

RingByName is super-efficient. We provide an excellent tech support should you ever encounter an issue. Switch to our hosted PBX service and you’ll get reduced overhead, a friendly, knowledgeable activation specialist to help with set-up (for free), and elimination of redundant costs by consolidating multiple locations into one phone system. What’s more, we’ll also provide training for your team based on their schedule and availability.

Sync Multiple Locations and even Virtual Employees with RingByName

RingByName comes pre-configured and offers multiple settings to create the perfect solution for each type of employee. RingByName makes your company look Fortune 500ish without high equipment costs or fees. A phone system mustn’t be expensive to be sophisticated. RingByName can be configured to meet the needs of the office staff, including virtual extensions for outside sales, and internal extensions for the shop or warehouse.

Saving Your Printing and Manufacturing Business Money is Part of Our DNA

Our first-class technical support and customer service reps pre-configure your software before the phones are even shipped. You can get new toll-free or local phone numbers or choose to keep your existing phone numbers. No transfer fees are ever assessed. With the tools RingByName offers, you can connect multiple office locations or simply setting up multiple virtual extensions, allowing you to cut costs and giving you the flexibility you need in today’s mobile age.

You get all this for one low price:

  • Reliable phone service with unlimited calling in US and Canada
  • RingByName offers a leasing plan for IP Phones. A 1, 2 or 3 year contract is needed for leasing qualification. Please consult with your sales agent about this program.
  • US-based, English speaking activation specialists to help get you setup, at no cost
  • No Setup Fees, no contracts required