Business Phone Solutions for Retailers

W hat kind of store do you run? Do you rely on walk-in impulse buyers or do you cultivate relationships with your customers, ensuring they come back? For most retailers in this economy, employing a personal touch with your customers will get you the long term success goals you desire. Trust us, if you dedicate even a tiny portion of the time you put into selecting your merchandise toward selecting a phone service designed to bring in repeat customers, you’ll be in business a long, long time.

Retailer Business Phones Service Provider

Record Announcements and Create a Buzz

Instead of having to remember each time you speak with someone to tell them about your new collection or the new shipment that everyone’s been waiting for, record an announcement into your custom greeting. This will create a buzz without having to speak to every customer personally every time they call.

Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

Okay, maybe cool isn’t the word you would use, but useful, sophisticated and awesome also come to mind. Anyway, here are a few things you’ll get with RingByName.

  • You can record announcements by phone, by uploading audio files, or by typing out calls scripts online to be read by a natural-sounding virtual receptionist.
  • You can track advertising effectiveness by directing calls to different phone extensions.
  • You can sound more professional with our smart virtual receptionist, advanced call routing and music-on-hold.

Turn those Walk-Ins into Repeat Buyers

We trust your sense of style, now trust our communication expertise. RingByName can import contacts from many popular email marketing services (like Constant Contact or MailChimp) making it very easy to send emails to your RingByName contacts. Let them know what the new trends are and remind them that you’re just a phone call away. If they have heard it from you first, they might buy it from you first.

Look like a Fortune 500 Company

Our smart receptionist is programmed to greet your customers by name and route them to the person they spoke with last, as well as transfer them to any device you’ve designated. You can record custom greetings or write scripts to be read by a natural-sounding synthetic voice. When your callers hear our smart receptionist greet them by name, we guarantee they’ll enjoy calling you back.

Run RingByName on Nearly Any Device

RingByName comes with your choice of desktop or cordless phone. It also works on any PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet (both Android and iPhone). Upgrade your phone service the right way, by getting a built-in CRM, smart receptionist, cloud-based voicemail to email, and R!Fax service that works the way you want it to. Unlimited minutes to the US and Canada and reliable service almost make RingByName feel valuable, but all the extra features and the really low cost will remind you how far technology has evolved with us.

Saving You Money Is Part Of Our DNA

We offer flexible service plans to best suit your needs. If you have a multi-location business, you can connect multiple stores by simply setting up multiple virtual extensions, allowing you to cut costs and giving you the flexibility you need in today’s mobile age. Or if you are an independent businessperson you can get the entire RingByName program for just yourself. Your options are endless.

You get all this for one low price:

  • Reliable phone service with unlimited calls to US and Canada
  • RingByName offers a leasing plan for IP Phones. A 1, 2 or 3 year contract is needed for leasing qualification. Please consult with your sales agent about this program
  • English-speaking, US-based activation specialists to help get you setup, at no cost
  • No Setup Fees, no contracts required