Your Customers Are Texting, You Should Be Too

You no longer need to use your cell phone to send a text. Now it’s easy to send an SMS Text Message to your team members through the RingByName web and mobile apps. You can pick which of your office SMS enabled numbers you would like to send the text from and assign text conversations to specific team members. You can also send a contact to a new contact and see your SMS history. You can send and receive SMS messages within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Your customers may be texting your business number, and you might not even know it. RingByName is here to provide you with the solution.

There is a cost to add SMS Text Messaging to an existing company number on your account.


What is SMS Service?
SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also commonly referred to as a “text message”. With a SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. Longer messages will automatically be split up into several parts. Most cell phones support this type of text messaging.

So how can a texting service for business help you? Easy.
Communicate faster and get to the point. Text messages reach the recipient immediately. Statistics show that 90% of the time a text is read within the first three minutes of receiving a message. We are nosy as a species, we can’t help it. The average American sends and receives more than 30 texts per day. Make sure your texts are short, clear and relevant to stand out from the texts they are receiving.

How do I add SMS Texting Service to my RingByName Account?
Check with your system administrator to make sure that SMS is enabled and active on your account, and that you have been granted access to access SMS service. If you are the account owner, you can add SMS Text Message service to your account by contacting the Customer Service Department by calling 855-345-7464 or by emailing us using the form at the top of this page.

Some of the advantages of our SMS features include:

  • Text customers from your RingByName Web App or Mobile App
  • Track SMS history
  • Increase efficiency by sending group texts
  • Receive text inquires through your main business number
  • Assign a text message conversation to a team member to allow access
  • Receive notifications for any SMS conversations that you have been assigned to as owner
  • Change the owner of a SMS message conversation
  • Manage multiple SMS numbers on your account