Some business owners may still question the need for employee tracking software, but once they understand the benefits of project tracking software and the potential it has to increase productivity, they are more likely to consider it for more effective business communications.
Employee tracking software is utilized to increase productivity and efficiency. Business owners wear many hats, and it may be too late to address issues or capitalize on opportunities if your focus is not on your team. The ability to see how projects are completed can turn a boss into a leader.

Some of the benefits of team activity tracking software include:

  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
    Business owners rely on employees to build the business, and employees rely on owners for direction. The most effective means to direct your business may be to track employees, identify weaknesses, and build strengths. Employee tracking tracking empowers business owners to motivate team members while increasing productivity and efficiency.


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  • Effective Progress Tracking
    Rather than relying on team meetings and progress reports, business owners can track progress directly through the team activity tracking software. Employee tracking acts as a digital calendar, keeping the business owner as close to project progress as they can be, without having to ask for reports periodically.


  • Improved Communication
    Relying on software for better communication may seem counterintuitive in the beginning. It is difficult for team members to remain in constant communication, but team activity tracking puts focus back on meaningful communication by recording and logging phone calls to help track communication effectiveness and progress.
  • Time Tracking
    The software also increases time, efficiency, and allows team members to feel responsible for the pace of a project’s completion. Employee time tracking software is the key to setting realistic expectations and accurately tracking schedules. 


  • Improved Team Collaboration
    Collaboration between team members increases when team activity tracking software is put into place. RingByName’s team activity tracking logs phone call communications so that your team can collaborate and give feedback to each other, acting as a team building experience. This allows your team to work together and allows you to not have as much of a hand in managing call feedback. 


  • Call Tracking
    All calls are automatically logged and recorded, allowing for you to have a bird’s eye view of your business communications. Accessing calls between team members and clients is also useful in training and development initiatives.

Most modern companies use a form of team activity tracking software; however, instead of the outdated forms of tracking, like white boards and markers, companies now turn towards digital communication. Bring your communications into the digital age with RingByName.