Business Phone Solutions for Transport & Logistics Companies

W hether you’re transporting people, freight or calls, we’re certain that a good first impression will keep your customers calling back. RingByName helps you impress callers from the very first call and builds better relationships with them for years to come. Our smart virtual receptionist will greet your clients by name and routes them directly to the right person each time they call back. Plus, all team members =- on the road and in the office — can stay connected by downloading the app onto their smartphone or tablet. Keep your business running smoothly all day long with RingByName.

phone services for transport & logistics businesses

Look like You Are in the Office All the Time

RingByName’s smart virtual receptionist greets your contacts by name and routes them to the person they spoke with last. This lets your customers build relationships with specific people on your team by easily getting them back in touch with the person handling their orders or inquiries. If a call goes to voicemail, the caller will hear a custom message or a scripted message read by our smart receptionist. If the caller chooses to leave a voicemail or a callback request, you will see a notification in both RingByName and your email. RingByName routes calls to any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone ensuring that calls do not get missed and communications continue to flow. Once the office is closed, RingByName can play a special “after-hours” message, and can route the caller to a team member’s mobile phone or simply take a message for the appropriate department. This assures you that all calls will be handled efficiently and professionally.


Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

Our simple to use technology allows you to transfer calls between phones, receive voicemail to email, program a smart receptionist, and so much more.

  • You can forward calls to your cell phone and get the same information and functionality you would get if you were in the office.
  • You can check your voicemails from your email ensuring you never miss a message. Plus you can catalog important messages for a later response.
  • You can have calls transferred from anyone in your office to your desktop IP phone, cell phone or landline no matter where you are simply by dialing an extension.

RingByName is super-efficient. We provide you with unlimited minutes within the US and Canada. We also provide free tech support should you ever encounter an issue. Switch to our PBX in the Cloud service and you’ll get reduced overhead, as well as a friendly, knowledgeable activation specialist to help with set-up. With RingByName you can eliminate redundant costs by consolidating multiple locations into one phone system. What’s more, we’ll also provide training for your team — at no cost — based on their schedule and availability.

Make a Great First Impression and Keep Them Calling Back

RingByName can manage as many virtual extensions as you need with unique local or toll-free numbers. Plus it will route calls to any device you designate. Present yourself like a Fortune 500 company without having to pay high phone company prices. When callers leave a voicemail or request a callback, RingByName can send them an email confirming receipt. You then will receive a voicemail or request to your email account so everyone can stay connected and comfortable.

Give Your Team the Tools they Need and Watch the Business Revenue Roll In

All you need is an internet connection to upgrade your entire phone network with RingByName. Your image will be enhanced immediately with professional greetings, menus, and unlimited extensions. Plus, your system can include as many phone numbers as you want. Unify remote locations and mobile employees with a main toll free number or use local numbers for any city in the US and in 67 other countries.

  • Free Phone Numbers: Choose new local or toll free numbers or transfer an existing number
  • Customizable Greetings: Record professional company greetings with our IVR
  • Built-in CRM: Record notes, view detailed call logs, and receive voicemails to email, among many other features.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Forwards callers to the person they spoke with last
  • Mobile Versions: For both Android and iPhone
  • Unlimited Extensions & Voicemail: Assign departments and employees their own extensions
  • Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada

Saving Your Business Money Is Part Of Our DNA.

Service businesses like yours, which rely on answering calls to acquire more customers, find that RingByName costs less. That’s less than a traditional PBX system. Less than a big phone company system. And less than just about any phone system on the market. We offer flat-fee calling plans that include unlimited domestic long distance calling to the US and Canada along with incredibly low priced rates for international calling. If your transportation or logistics business has multiple offices, you can save even more by leveraging a single VoIP network for voice and data – and reach everyone on the staff, regardless of their location, just by dialing an extension. We’re great at saving you money. We’ll figure out even more ways to save you money by talking with you, understanding your needs, and designing a plan that’s really efficient. So call us today and we can begin what we hope to be a long relationship.