Virtual Office Receptionist

D o you manage your business through a virtual office or you are a virtual employee? Now you can work from anywhere and still stay connected to your business and your team with RingByName. Access your contacts, call logs, notes, and other essential information from any device wherever you are through RingByName’s robust mobile version. It works on your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet making it convenient and simple to take your office with you on the go.

virtual office receptionist

Look like You Are in the Office All the Time

Just because you work “virtually” doesn’t mean you can’t act as if you’re in an office. Our smart receptionist is programmed to greet your callers by name and then routes them to whomever they spoke with last (if they agree to it). The calls will be transferred to any device you designate, be it your desk phone, cordless phone, or mobile phone. Heck, it doesn’t even need to go to a phone. With an optional softphone app, you can take calls right from your tablet, laptop, PC or Mac. It’s really that flexible. Just like you are Mr./Ms. Virtual.

Look At All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Your Phone

You’ve seen them around before. The people who seem to always have everything organized, usually wearing flip-flops and carrying Macbook Airs. Well, now you can be like them and rock any kind of footwear or computer you want.

  • You can receive faxes to your email as PDF or image file, allowing you to share things easily as well as store them in an organized manner on your hard drive.
  • You can build better relationships with your clients. Our smart virtual receptionist will greet your clients by name and route them directly to you each time they call back.
  • You can check your voicemails from your email ensuring you never miss a message. Plus you can catalog important messages for a later response.

Time is Money

As someone who works in a virtual environment, you probably don’t have a strict 9-5 schedule. Our guess is that you probably still end up working in the evenings and weekends due to off hours calls and emails. RingByName helps you manage all of this. Set multiple greetings to be played during different times in the day, allowing our smart receptionist to field calls for you when you’re unavailable. You can also set priority lists, so you can easily switch from allowing anyone to call or only allowing “VIP” contacts to get through. RingByName gives you the assistance you’d get from a personal assistant; only you don’t have to pay this assistant or micromanage him/her because our smart receptionist doesn’t have a mind of its own — yet.

Give Your Business a Professional Image Without Ever Decorating an Office

With RingByName your image will be enhanced immediately with professional greetings, menus, and unlimited extensions. Plus, your “makeover” can include as many phone numbers as you want. Unify remote locations and mobile employees with a main toll free number or use local numbers for any city in the US and in 67 other countries.

  • Free Phone Numbers: Choose new local numbers or transfer an existing one for free. Toll-free numbers available for a small extra charge.
  • Customizable Greetings: Record professional company greetings with our IVR
  • Built-in CRM: Record notes, view detailed call logs, and receive voicemails to email, among many other features.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Forwards callers to the person they spoke with last
  • Mobile Versions: For Android and iPhone devices
  • Unlimited Extensions & Voicemail: Assign departments and employees their own extensions
  • Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada

Saving Your Virtual Office Money is Part of Our DNA.

Our first-class technical support and customer service reps pre-configure your software before the phones are even shipped. You can get new toll-free or local phone numbers or choose to keep your existing phone numbers. No transfer fees are ever assessed. You can do a lot with the tools RingByName offers, even connecting multiple office locations or simply setting up multiple virtual extensions, allowing you to cut costs and giving you the flexibility you need in today’s mobile age.

You get all this for one low price:

  • Reliable phone service with unlimited calls to US and Canada
  • RingByName offers a leasing plan for IP Phones. A 1, 2 or 3 year contract is needed for leasing qualification. Please consult with your sales agent about this program.
  • English-speaking, US-based implementation specialist to help get you setup, at no cost
  • No Setup Fees, no contracts required