VoIP toll free numbersTOLL FREE NUMBERS


Toll-free numbers are more accessible than ever before. In the past, only large corporations could afford toll-free numbers and the benefits that stem from having one.

Toll-free numbers have changed that, and allows for small businesses to reap the rewards. 

Toll-free numbers add credibility to your small business instantly, which in turn, increases your returns. Toll-free numbers are an affordable small business solution that will increase your returns exponentially. When used in conjunction with effective marketing tools, small businesses benefit from toll-free numbers in terms of brand recognition and customer trust. A 1-800 number for a business that is personalized to your industry will communicate a sense of success and industry dominance to potential customers.

They are also not industry specific; toll-free numbers work for businesses of all kinds. Some companies utilize their toll-free number to monitor leads, while others use it to market and target age groups, where they have no way of telling that the number they are dialing is based on a system.  If your clients tend to spend a longer amount of time on the phone, a toll-free number gives them the incentive to choose your business over competitors. The words toll free often lead to more phone calls in general.


Choosing solutions for your small business is the logical step in the evolution of your company’s communication efforts. Take advantage of the opportunities and gaining the upper hand. Call RingByName today!