RingByName Meet

Video Collaboration from RingByName

The world has changed. Video and remote collaboration have never been so important. RingByName Meet is designed to help our employees, customers, and their families communicate easily, efficiently, and for free.

In fact, it is so important, we have decided to make it available to anyone that wants to use it for free. Simply visit http://meet.ringbyname.com to start your own meeting or go to this article for more details.

RingByName Meet allows you to create real-time meetings and work collaboratively.


How is RingByName Meet different than other video collaboration solutions?

  • RingByName Meet is easy to use!
  • One click to create a conference – nothing to install and configure
  • Share a link with your colleagues or customers or friends!

RingByName Meet is secure and private

  • If you are concerned about privacy, RingByName Meet is the answer
  • All communications are secure and encrypted
  • We do collect performance and analytics data in order to keep our services stable, however, we do not collect any personal information
  • Passwords are automatically set on meeting creation and appended to the meeting invite link
  • Therefore the password is always used, but you don’t have to enter it as it’s part of the invite link

Meet Video Conferencing is now available in RingByName OX

RingByName Meet Video and Desktop Sharing can now be launched from inside the RingByName OX web application by subscribers. While RingByName Meet can be accessed and used to host a video or desktop collaboration session at no cost on the web or on their mobile device, RingByName subscribers will have the added benefit of creating permanent rooms that can be accessed by anyone within their organization. This makes RingByName an ideal way for companies to create huddle rooms and other repeated use meeting spaces and promote more efficient collaboration and work.

RingByName Meet is one of just one of the solutions provided by RingByName OX, our virtual desktop app for workers to work collaboratively from anywhere with any internet-connected device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. For more information contact us at 855-345-7464 or fill out the contact form on this page.

RingByName Meet is high-definition by default

No need to adjust your settings to experience high definition Video

RingByName Meet is free and unlimited

There is no 40-min maximum meeting time limit, unlike some competitors

How many participants can I host on RingByName Meet?

In order to keep the usage fair we have limited the per room participant capacity to 50.
This number may change in the future.

Do I need special software to run RingByName Meet?

On Desktop
RingByName Meet will run inside your browser at meet.ringbyname.com
From RingByName OX, an Office Xperience, Anywhere
For the best experience from a web browser, we recommend using Google Chrome.
Other supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox.

On Mobile
RingByName is releasing RingByName Meet mobile app for iOS and Android
coming soon!

RingByName Meet is compatible with mobile browsers Chrome and Safari.