RingByName OX - a Virtual Desktop

Introducing RingByName OX!

It is a virtual desktop app, that can be used to work collaboratively from anywhere, from any internet connected device such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Access client contact information, faxes, text messages, launch or join online video meetings, and make and receive phone calls without any special equipment. We have streamlined innovation into RingByName OX so its just as easy to work remotely as it is to check your email.

RingByName® OX™ is powered by the always on RingByName UCaaS platform.

Best of all, it comes free of charge for every RingByName subscribing user.


How is RingByName OX different than other virtual desktop apps?

  • INSTALLATION FREE – RingByName®OXTM can be accessed on any Internet connected device browser.
  • COMPREHENSIVE & SELF CONTAINED – it offers access to both unified communication and telephony features in a single web application and without additional equipment
  • NO LICENSE REQUIREMENTS – it does not require licenses for different features and integrations. Its is all inclusive.

Meet Video Conferencing is now available in RingByName OX

RingByName Meet Video and Desktop Sharing can now be launched from inside the RingByName OX web application by subscribers. While RingByName Meet can be accessed and used to host a video or desktop collaboration session at no cost on the web or on their mobile device, RingByName subscribers will have the added benefit of creating permanent rooms that can be accessed by anyone within their organization. This makes RingByName an ideal way for companies to create huddle rooms and other repeated use meeting spaces and promote more efficient collaboration and work.

RingByName Meet is one of just one of the solutions provided by RingByName OX, our virtual desktop app for workers to work collaboratively from anywhere with any internet-connected device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. For more information contact us at 855-345-7464 or fill out the contact form on this page.